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Sustainability Report

The College of Business and Economics (COBE) at Boise State presents the 2017 COBE Sustainability Report. This report, the fourth COBE Sustainability Report, was once again researched, written, and produced by graduate and undergraduate students challenged to continue developing a responsible business lens by delving into the economic, social and environmental material issues impacting the College of Business and Economics.

The 2017 COBE Sustainability Report documents our progress on catalyzing individual and organizational participation in responsible business practices.

Read the 2017 COBE Sustainability Report

Read the 2016 COBE Sustainability Report

History of COBE’s Sustainability Report

The inaugural sustainability report on 2014 was published  in May of  2015. In publishing a sustainability report for the College of Business and Economics (COBE) at Boise State University, we made our first attempt to transparently report on the social, economic and environmental impacts that we have on our key stakeholders, and to role model this leading corporate and organizational practice to inspire our business and academic peers to follow suit.

image boise state students sustainability report teamTo fully align with our mission, we put learning at the heart of this effort. Student sustainability reporters research and collect the data and write the reports. COBE classes contributed additional expertise, including graduate accounting classes that conduct assurance reviews on the reports.

image bar graphIn a time of vast change across the business landscape, we seek to mitigate risks to all stakeholders, and we seek new opportunities to improve the world through social, economic and environmental impacts. Sustainability reporting is one way that we hold ourselves accountable for our actions and how we demonstrate our leadership in higher education.