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Student Resources – Team Rooms, Writing Style Guide and More

The student resource site is the place to find all kinds of information to enhance your experience while attending the College of Business and Economics at Boise State.

Students – Do you have questions about permission numbers, courses, registration or COBE admissions?

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If you can’t find what you are looking for, give us a call, drop by or email: COBE Administration/Dean’s office (208) 426-1125, room 3131, We are here to help!

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Assessment Rubrics

Computers in MBEB for Student Use

There are computers and printers available for student use throughout the Micron Business and Economics Building (MBEB).

1st Floor Computer Stationsstudents using computers in the Micron Business and Economics Building at Boise State

  • North hallway (by room 1210) – 4 computer stations
  • Across from Career Services (room 1120) – 3 computer stations and printer

2nd Floor Computer Stationsthe Zone at Micron Business and Economics Building at Boise State

  • Above the Skaggs Hall – 6 computer stations and printer
  • Info Commons – center area, overlooking the Jackson Commons – 6 computer stations

Need Help?

Help is available from the Help Desk:, (208) 426-4357 (HELP).



To rent a locker, email Alpha Kappa Psi at


  • Small locker – semester rental is $10 and year rental is $15
  • Large locker – semester rental is $15 and year rental is $25

Proceeds from locker rentals benefit the Alpha Kappa Psi student organization.

Problem Solving:

Team Rooms (a.k.a. breakout rooms)

students writing on wall in team room at COBE Boise State

MBEB student team room

Team Room Policy

Priority will be given to groups of 2 or more students. Individuals may be asked to vacate the room by larger groups.

Team Rooms can be scheduled by students, faculty or staff directly from the touch-panels by the door to each Team Room.

Students with reservations must occupy the room within the first 15 minutes of the reservation period or the reservation is forfeited, and the room becomes open to other groups on a first-come, first served basis for the remainder of the reservation.

Students without reservations must vacate room when requested by students with valid reservations.

Teams Rooms are available on first-come, first served basis when not reserved (the touch-panel lights at the door will be green). Reserve the room at the current time via the touch-panel to avoid losing the room.

Students can reserve 4 time slots per week; each time slot can be 3 hours or less. Exception to this rule: GA tutoring sessions.

How to Use Touch Panel to Reserve a Team Room

Use the touch panel outside each Team Room to make a room reservation for a current time or a future time.

If a room is available, the touch panel will show a green background with the text “Available” displayed with green back-lit buttons:

If the room is reserved, the background will be blue with red buttons, and the name of the reservation will be displayed.

Create a Reservation

To create a quick a reservation for the current time, touch the “Reserve Now” button on the screen. There are two reservation options:

  1. 30 minutes
  2. 60 minutes

To create a reservation for a future time, select the Day View button, or select the Today physical button.

Navigate to what day is displayed by using the two Day physical buttons, and change the time using the two physical Time buttons on the panel.

To create a reservation from the Schedule View, select a time slot by touching the screen or moving the cursor to a time slot using the physical “up” and “down” arrow buttons, then click Select.

This will bring up the Add Appointment view which allows you to edit the subject of the reservation by touching the Edit button:

You can also adjust the duration of the meeting by using the and + buttons on the screen. Select Save to complete the reservation.

Need Help?

Help is available from the Help Desk:, (208) 426-4357 (HELP).

Writing Style Guide

Strong communication skills are a vital component to a successful business career. Many studies show that communication is one of the top skills employers seek in new hires. Learning to express your thoughts and ideas clearly and concisely in written and oral form will improve chances for employment and advancement to higher levels of management.

Access the COBE Writing Style Guide here.