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Registering for Classes

Please make sure you have set up your myBoiseState student account. To complete your account set-up, please see Setting Up Your myBoiseState Account.

1.Visit myBoiseState and enter your student username and password, then select Log In.

myBoiseState login

2. Once logged in to your student account, select Student View to access additional account options.

3. From the Student View screen, Student Center select from the Services menu.

Student Center login

4. Select Enroll from under the Academics section.

Student Center Enroll

5. You may or may not be asked to select the appropriate term. Once you select your term, select the Continue button.

Select Term

6. If you know the 5 digit class number, you can enter it here in the Enter Class Nbr box then select Enter and proceed to Step 10. Otherwise, make sure the Class Search button is selected then select the Search button and proceed to Step 7.

Select class to add

7. To search for classes, enter at least two pieces of criteria. We suggest starting with Subject and Course Number.

Class selection   Z

8. The list of search results contains brief information about each section. We highly recommend you Select the individual section to view more detailed information about the class.

Class description

9. The class detail screen includes important information about time requirements, class fees, and possibly about special equipment required, or proctored exams. Pay close attention to the Class AvailabilityNotes, and Fee information. When you are done reviewing, you can select View Search Results to return to the previous screen or Select Class to register.

class registration

10. Review the information on this page carefully. If the class is closed, you can add yourself to the waitlist by checking the Waitlist if class is full option. If you ever need or receive a permission number, this is where you’ll enter the information. When you are ready, select Next to add this course to your “shopping cart.”

course registration

11Repeat steps 7-10 as many times as necessary to fill your shopping cart with your online classes. When your shopping cart is full, select Proceed to Step 2 of 3

shopping cart

12. Confirm your classes, then select Finish Enrolling

finishing enrollment

13. When you are done, you should see a green checkmark to signify that you’ve successfully added the section to your class schedule.

enrollment confirmation