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Frequently Asked Questions

COBE Advising Services Center

Q. How do I find an advisor? Who is my advisor?

A. During your time at Boise State you will have access to any academic advisor in the Academic Services Center, located in MBEB 1213. Stop by, call, or email us to get help with scheduling classes, answering questions, or just checking in on your academic status. Avoid delaying your graduation by meeting with an advisor regularly, you won’t regret it!

Q. What is Finish in 4?

A. Finish in 4 is a new program designed to help students finish their education in four years thereby keeping the cost of obtaining a degree down. Students who want to participate in Finish in 4 in the College of Business need to make an appointment with an advisor in the COBE Advising Services Center to go over in detail what the program is, which classes you will need to take and work out a plan of action for you.

Q. Is there any way I can receive credit for a transfer course that the Boise State transcript evaluators say does not transfer?

A. Yes, in some cases that may be possible. Contact an advisor today for more information. Stop in MBEB 1213 or call 208-426-3859.

Q. How do I change my major?

A. You must change your major in My.BoiseState. From the main screen select “Student View”, then “My Academics”, then “Change my Major”. You can search for the degree you are looking for in the search box at the top right corner of the screen. Once you have submitted the change you can verify that your major has changed by running your Academic Advisement Report (AAR). Check the section where the major is listed (it will be after the GE requirements section)..

Q. How do I find out about internship opportunities?

A. Check COBE Career Services web site for information on finding an internship.

Q. Why should I get a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)?

A. The BBA is a business degree, as compared to a Bachelor of Arts, or a Bachelor of Science. With a BBA many of your area core courses are preselected for you to include economics, math, and in the case of International Business, language.

Q. I already have a degree, where do I go for advising?

A. If you have an Associate’s degree, see the COBE Advising Services Center, MBEB 1213, for information on how your credits will count towards a four year degree. If you already have a Bachelor’s degree and are returning for a second degree in Accounting, Economics or Information Technology Management or Supply Chain Management please see the department of the major you have chosen for your second degree. They will complete a second degree checklist which will tell you what courses you will need to take. If you are second degree seeking in Entrepreneurial Management, Finance, General Business, Human Resource Management, International Business, or Marketing please see an advisor in the Advising Services Center.

Q. I am thinking about pursuing a minor. What do I need to do?

A. General Business Minor applications are available in the College of Business and Economics COBE Advising Services Center, MBEB 1213. Fill out this form and return it to the COBE Advising and Career Center. When the application has been approved, a copy will be mailed to you. To declare a specific minor (e.g. Marketing), contact the department offering the minor for any application form or process that may be required. Be aware that not all departments require an application and some may require an advisory meeting to work out the required curriculum. See Major Requirements for minor course requirements.