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Tim Chenoweth, PhD

Associate Professor, Information Technology Mgmt. • (208) 426-2901 • Mail Stop: 1615
Office Number: MBEB 2111

Tim Chenoweth is an Associate Professor of Information Technology at Boise State University. Before receiving his PhD from Washington State University (1996), he was an active duty officer in the U.S. Coast Guard (1981-1989). His assignments included deck watch officer aboard U.S. Coast Guard Cutters Cambell and Yocona, IT department Coast Guard 11th district Headquarters, Long Beach Ca., and head of IT, Civil Engineering Department, Coast Guard Headquarters, Washington D.C. Prior to arriving at Boise State, he was an Assistant Professor in the Computer Information Systems department at Arizona State University (1996 to 2003).


  • PhD, Washington State University
  • MBA, MS, Computer Science, Washington State University
  • BS, Mathematics, United States Coast Guard Academy

Teaching Areas

  • Computer Programming
  • Network Application Development
  • XML
  • Databases

Featured Publications

  • Chenoweth, T., Gattiker, T., "Adaptive and Maladaptive Coping with an Information Technology Threat: Using Protection Motivation Theory to Model Computer Users’ Reaction to Spyware" Working Paper
  • Chenoweth, T., Minch, R., Tabor, S. (2010). "Wireless Insecurity: Examining User Security Behavior on Public Networks." Communications of the ACM, Vol. 53 No. 2, Pages 134-138
  • Chenoweth, T., Corral, K. D., Haluk, D. (2006). "Seven Key Interventions for Data Warehouse Success." Communications of the ACM, Vol. 49, No. 1, pp. 114-119
  • Chenoweth, T., Corral, K. D., St. Louis, R. (2004). "Convincing DSS users that complex models are worth the effort." Decision Support Systems, Vol. 37
  • Chenoweth, T., Corral, K. D., Hubata, R., St. Louis, R. (2004). "Distance and Prediction Error Variance Constraints for ARMA Model Portfolios." International Journal of Forecasting, Vol. 20, pp. 41-52
  • Chenoweth, T., Hubata, R., St. Louis, R. (2004). "The Power of Tests for Equivalent ARMA Models: The Implications for Practitioners." Empirical Economics, 29(2), 281-292
  • Chenoweth, T., St. Louis, R., Schuff, D. (2003). "A Methodology for Developing Dimensional Data Marts." Communications of the ACM, 46(12), 93-98


  • Circle of Friends Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching, Arizona State University School of Accountancy and Information Management (May 1999)
  • Best Paper in Track, AMCIS 2002. (August 2002)