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Faculty and Staff Directory

Chris Baughn, PhD

Professor, Management • (208) 426-1313 • Mail Stop: 1625


  • PhD, Wayne State University
  • BA, Livingston College, Rutgers University

Teaching Areas

  • Management of international joint ventures
  • National differences in entrepreneurial activity
  • National contexts shaping corporate social responsibility

Featured Publications

  • “Social capital and human resource management in international joint ventures: A Vietnamese perspective” (with K. Neupert, T.A. Phan, and M.H. Ngo), Forthcoming at the International Journal of Human Resource Management;
  • “Trade secret theft and protection” (with M. Bixby), Forthcoming at the Atlantic Law Journal ;
  • “Labor flexibility and the prevalence of high-growth entrepreneurial activity” (with J. Sugheir and K. Neupert ), Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship, 23(1), 1-15. 2010;
  • “Bribery in international business transactions”(with N. Bodie, M. Buchanan, and M. Bixby), Journal of Business Ethics, 92, 15-32. 2010;
  • “Entrepreneurship, immigration and the creative class” (with K. Neupert), Journal of Global Business Development, 2(1), 22-30. 2009;
  • “Socio-political and economic influences on corporate environmental responsibility in Europe” (with D. Bodie), Revista de Responsabilidad Social de la Empresa,1,139-159. 2009;
  • “Corporate social and environmental responsibility in Asian countries and other geographical regions” (with D. Bodie, and J. McIntosh), Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management, 14, 189-205. 2007;
  • “SME exporting challenges in transitional and developed economies” (with K. Neupert and L. Dao), Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development, 13(4), 535-545. 2006;
  • “The normative context for women’s participation in entrepreneurship: A multicountry study” (with B. Chua and K. Neupert), Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 30(5), 687-708. 2006. This work was reprinted as a book chapter in Small Business and Entrepreneurship Vol II, edited by R. Blackburn and C. Brush, (Section 8, 138-159), UK, Sage Publishing. 2008;
  • “Knowledge acquisition from foreign parents in international joint ventures” (with T.A. Phan , M.H. Ngo, and K. Neupert), International Business Review, Vol. 15(5), 463-487. 2006