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Responsible Business Initiative

Our mission is to catalyze leaders to create sustainable value for business and society.

What is the Responsible Business Initiative?

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Launched by the College of Business and Economics, the Responsible Business Initiative:

  • Focuses on business ethics, corporate social responsibility, sustainability, corporate governance and diversity
  • Aims to build the commitment and capacity of our students, faculty and community to understand and manage responsible business issues.
  • Seeks to innovate collaboration at the intersection of business, education and society.

Our vision is that through education, research and community collaboration, COBE inspires leaders to create an inclusive and sustainable local and global economy that accounts for economic, social and environmental impacts.



  • Responsible business priorities and values are now part of COBE’s strategy, mission, and learning objectives.
  • More than 75 undergraduate classes and 23 graduate classes have integrated responsible business content.
  • Faculty received $7,500 in grants this year to innovate classes or develop their responsible business skills.
  • More than 500 external stakeholders have participated in responsible business-sponsored or co-sponsored events.
  • More than 40 business and economics students participated in creating COBE’s first sustainability report.

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Wells_Fargo_gradient_4cWe are grateful for the leadership, vision and financial support for the Responsible Business Initiative provided by our lead partner, Wells Fargo.

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