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Past Projects

Past project participantsWe have trained well over 100 individuals and conduced over 20 improvement projects since the initiative’s inception in mid-2015, including:

  • Designed and implemented new transfer credit academic adjustment process in the College of Health Sciences (working with staff, directors and assoc. dean). Eliminated 3,200 steps per semester.
  • Defined and streamlined Extended Studies’ online program recruiting process enabling each recruiter to redirect 11 hours per week from non-value adding task to sales and student success.
  • Redesigned and implemented a new electronic student permission number system in the College of Business and Economics (working with advising and administrative staff). Replaced a plethora of informal workflows with one standardized, automated process, which improved transparency, consistency and trackability. Eliminated non-value adding steps.
  • Designed and implemented a faculty evaluation process in the College of Business and Economics (working with department chairs and deans).  Replaced a plethora of ad hoc processes with a single well-defined process that is repeated from year to year.