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How you can engage us

Green/Yellow Belt Training

Five half-day sessions spread over two to four weeks. We teach fundamental concepts and techniques from the Lean/Six Sigma body of knowledge in a hands-on context. In groups of five to eights, participants brainstorm ideas for improvement projects, select a project (an organizational process to improve), analyze the existing process, design an improved process (or completely redesign the process starting with a blank slate) and develop implementation and control plans. Individuals who complete the training receive a Yellow Belt credential. When the process improvements are implemented and documented, participants receive a Green Belt credential. Green Belt holders are well equipped to tackle future problems on their own or with the help of a facilitator. Typical class size is twelve to fifteen, and we split the class into two project teams for much of the hands-on work.  Typically 15 hours.

Facilitated Problem Solving

Similar to our Green/Yellow Belt training. However, in this format the group (or it’s leadership) comes into the process having already identified a project–i.e. a problem to solve or process in need of improvement. We teach several critical concepts and tool; however, this mode is less about training/educating and more about “let’s solve this particular problem expeditiously.”  Typically 9 hours.

Kaizen Blitz

Utilizes the same five-step methodology as the programs described above; however, the format is highly condensed, typically one-half day to one and one-half days. A good approach for problems that require participation and resource commitments from multiple units of the university to solve. Does not involve a heavy training component nor the conferring of a credential.

Custom Facilitation and Training

We are available to facilitate problem-solving sessions and other events. We have also had success co-facilitating projects with graduates of our Greenbelt program.