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Graduate Business Newslist

The Grad Business News List is an email list system that broadcasts messages to all MBA, MSA, and MSAT students, faculty and alumni.

It is recommended that all graduate business students subscribe to this group to receive information regarding class schedules, schedule changes, cancellations, guest speakers, job postings, networking events and more.

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Graduate Business Email Group Protocol

Once you have subscribed, you may also submit email messages to the Grad Business News List for distribution. All emails intended for Grad Business News List distribution must be approved by the Business Graduate Studies office.

To send an email to the Grad Business News List, email:

Clearly describe the topic of your message in the subject line and include all pertinent information in the email. All emails are subject to editing and must be approved by the Business Graduate Studies office before sending.

How To Unsubscribe

Go to:
To unsubscribe, click the edit button labeled, then “Unsubscribe”