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How To: Register for OMBA Classes

Micron Business Building

Registration Basics:

  • All OMBA students are responsible for registering for classes prior to the first day of the session. Early registration is encouraged to ensure you are ready to begin classes. You may register anytime after registration opens.
  • Registration opens approximately three months prior to the start of each semester:
    • Summer 2018: Registration open now (opened February 20, 2018)
    • Fall 2018: Registration open now (opened April 2, 2018)
    • Spring 2019: Registration opens October 22, 2018
    • Summer 2019: Registration opens February 19, 2019
  • It is strongly recommended that students register as early as possible and enroll in classes for the entire semester (both sessions) at once.
  • Classes availability differs each semester. Review the Class Schedule for more information.

Registration Instructions:

1. Login to your My.BoiseState Student Center

New Students: Set up your My.BoiseState login using these instructions.

At, login and select “Student View”

My.BoiseState Student View

Under Services, select “Student Center”Student Center selection view

2. Check your Student Center for Holds

Some holds may prevent enrollment. Common holds include:

  • Financial Services Agreement – must be completed by every student each semester to acknowledge payment responsibility. Instructions to complete are available.
  • Holds for past-due payments – fees must be paid in full before enrolling for future semesters.

4. Select your term


OMBA classes are comprised of two sessions per semester (ex: Spring Session 1, Spring Session 2). We recommend enrolling in both sessions at the same time.
Term Selection Screen

5. Search for classes to add


All OMBA class will be available by searching Subject: ‘Business MBA’
Search buttonBusiness MBA

6. Review search results, select


BUSMBA 500 and 501 are required for all new students to be taken together. BUSMBA 555 is the final capstone course, available for enrollment after all other courses are complete.
Search Result Screen

10. Verify enrollment, make payment


If you are receiving an OMBA scholarship, the deduction from tuition is manual and will be reflected within 1-2 weeks.

Visit the Student Financial Services website for more payment information.

Financial Aid for Online MBA students is typically awarded 1-2 weeks after enrolling in classes. Make certain you follow next steps.

Make a payment button

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