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Financial Information

The affordable cost of our MBA combined with our graduates’ improved employment prospects contributes to a high Return on Investment (ROI)–rivaling private and Ivy League graduate degrees almost anywhere.

Idaho Resident & Non-Resident
Entire Program Cost (49 credits)
Cost with 15% Scholarship
$750/credit hour
Tuition includes all electronic textbooks and materials. Students are responsible for $65 application fee and $25 graduation application fee.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available for eligible students enrolled in at least 5 credit hours each semester. Please review the Financial Aid and Scholarships website for details on Graduate Student Aid.


Scholarships are available for qualified applicants.  All scholarships offer equal discount – 15% off tuition, saving students about $5,500 in total. The 15% off is applied incrementally for each course students enroll in. It cannot be applied all at once. Discounts and scholarships may not be combined.

Affiliate Partner Discount

A Partner Discount is available to students who qualify through their company. Contact us at to see if your company is a partner.

Experience Scholarship

The Experience Scholarship is available to students who meet the requirement of at least 5 years of full-time management or professional work experience where they have managed either people, budgets, or customer accounts beyond a basic supervisory level. Student must meet all other admission requirements to be accepted into the program and receive the scholarship. A resume of work experience must be provided and evaluated by the University before the scholarship is awarded.

Alumni Scholarship

The Alumni Scholarship is available for all current Boise State Alumni Association members who have completed at least 25 credits at Boise State University prior to enrolling in the Online MBA program. You are eligible to join the Alumni Association by paying annual dues of $50 or less.

Military Scholarships

Current or previous active duty, reserve military, or National Guard members and their spouses are eligible for the OMBA Military Scholarship. Applicants who are interested in applying should indicate on your admissions application that you are a part or have served in the military. If requested, you must be able to show proof of military status / affiliation.