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College of Business and Economics News

Angeli Weller, RBI Director and MBA Student, Adam Bouka, Are in Channel 6 News Story

image screenshot of Angeli Weller being interviewd by Channel 6COBE’s Responsible Business Initiative director, Angeli Weller, was interviewed by Michelle Edmonds of Channel 6 News about the Pay for Success legislation to be signed into law by Gov. Butch Otter on May 9, 2015.

Weller has been working with the Lee Pesky Learning Center on a case about their Pay for Success efforts in the State this year, and has followed the legislation closely.

“This mechanism allows nonprofits or other service providers to leverage private investment to scale proven social interventions that are ultimately intended to save the government long term remediation dollars. In Idaho, the bill only provides for education contracts. In other states, it’s been used for other kinds of social programs, e.g. prison recidivism. Overall, it provides an innovative public-private model that could be of interest to both our finance and nonprofit students, which is why we’ve taken such an interest,” said Weller. “This is an incredible milestone to celebrate for Idaho’s kids, educators and Lee Pesky Learning Center.”

Adam BuEdmonds also spoke with MBA student, Adam Bouka who is studying the funding stream, “It is win-win,” he said.

Alumni Update – Jennifer (Wolf) Cowden

Jennifer (Wolf) Cowden graduated from Boise State University in 2009 with a triple major — general business, human resource management, and entrepreneurship. Her love is entrepreneurship. Four years ago, she and her husband started Cowden’s Automotive & Exhaust in Buhl, Idaho. Jennifer has a four-year-old son and a baby on the way.

TechHelp Client, Melni Connectors, Gets Shark Tank Money

Melni Connectors of Twin Falls, Idaho entered the Shark Tank April 17 on ABC. Melni’s swim through the Shark Tank is just the latest high-profile gig for the company. The Melni Connector received royal treatment when President Obama visited the New Product Development Lab at Boise State in January.

image President Obama with Calvin Allen (far right) , COBE manager of New Product Development Lab at Boise State.

President Obama holds a Melni Connector while addressing New Product Development Lab manager, Calvin Allan, and lab specialist Chris Brown.

TechHelp worked closely with Melni to design, develop, prototype and test his family of unique electrical connector products.  TechHelp recognized Melni with its Spirit of Continuous Innovation Award in October of 2014 during National Manufacturing Day at Idaho’s TECenter.

After some spirited give and take on Shark Tank, investor, Mark Cuban took the bait to the tune of $500,000 for 12% of the company. Cuban added that if Melni Connectors began to grow he could invest an additional million dollars.

Learn more about TechHelp here.  TechHelp is housed in the College of Business and Economics at Boise State.

Denise English and Diane Schooley-Pettis Published an Article on Sustainability Reporting

Denise English  and Diane Schooley-Pettis published an article titled “SASB: A Pathway to Sustainability Reporting in the United States.” The article was featured on the cover of the April 2015 edition of The CPA Journal.

English is professor of accountancy. She received her Ph.D. from Indiana University. Her research interests include integrated sustainability ad financial reporting and accounting education.

Schooley-Pettis is associate dean and professor of finance. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Colorado – Boulder. Her primary research areas include integrated sustainability and financial reporting and consumer finance.


Michail Fragkias’ Study “Trees Grow on Money” Sited in Wall Street Journal

image Michail FragkiasCOBE associate professor of economics, Michail Fragkias’, co-authored study was sited in a Wall Street Journal story, “Trees in the City: Some Streets Have It Made in the Shade,” by Anne Kadet.

“A new study published in the online research journal PLOS One quantifies the disparity. Citywide [New York], for every $10,000 increase in a neighborhood’s median household income, you’ll find a nearly one percent increase in tree-canopy coverage.”

image Micron Business and Economics Building at Boise State UniversitySee the study at and the Boise State Update story here.

Nancy Napier: The Vietnam War, the American War and the ‘bridge generation’

Nancy Napier, executive director for the Centre for Creativity and Innovation, wrote an article in The Conversation on “April 30, Liberation Day, when we [the Vietnamese] defeated the American imperialists in 1975.” Her article, “The Vietnam War, the American War and the ‘bridge generation’” explains the lopsided war statistics, the increasing Vietnamese economy and how Vietnam’s younger generations are bridging the gap between the memory of the Vietnam War and the future of making things better.

Nancy Napier: Letting The Customer Do The Work

Nancy Napier, executive director for the Centre for Creativity and Innovation, wrote her latest article on customers doing the work for companies. Her article, “Letting the customer do the work” explains “the notion of ‘letting the customer do the work’ has taken hold with a vengeance, from bussing our dishes at fast food restaurants to banking on line to making airline and hotel reservations.” The spirit of making life more convenient for customers, sometimes is not at all convenient for the customer.