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College of Business and Economics News

Kirk and Marsha Smith Scholarship Recipients Express Gratitude to Scholarship Donors at Annual Breakfast

image Kirk and Marsha Smith scholarship recipients Boise State UniversityRecently the College of Business and Economics (COBE) hosted a breakfast in gratitude for the Smiths and in honor of the recipients of the Kirk and Marsha Smith Scholarship. The scholarship is offered to junior, senior and graduate students in the COBE for up to $5,000 a year. This year, the awardees are Said Barrero, Emily Border, Jesse Curtis, Christopher Daigle, Andrew Dambi, Emmanuel Eze, Karla Gonzalez, Paulina Gudgell, Jacob Nitu, Nicolette Roper and Alexa Wheeler. The students represented a wide range of majors within the college, including accounting, economics, MBA, supply chain and more. The student diversity was also a distinguished and memorable part of the event.

This annual breakfast offers a chance for the Smiths to meet the students that are greatly benefiting from the couple’s generosity. In addition, this event gives the students a chance to express their utmost appreciation and thanks for this award. Emily Border, a first-time scholarship recipient, described the experience in this way:

“The breakfast with Kirk Smith was incredibly heartwarming. Ten COBE students took turns sharing the ways this scholarship has helped improve their academic journey. I was deeply grateful for the experience and opportunity to thank Kirk in-person for investing in my future.”

Kirk Smith has generously of his time as well as financially to Boise State University. Recognized as a 2010 Distinguished Alumni Award recipient, he was a member of the advisory council for COBE and serves on the board of the Boise State University Foundation. His commitment to students in higher education was evident to all the recipients of his scholarship award who attended.

Future recipients of this tremendous scholarship have a real treat to look forward to in coming semesters.


Healthcare in the Age of Disruption, Presentation by Saint Alphonsus CEO Rodney Reider

By: Sean Luster, Career Track MBA student

IMG_6651-72ppiBooks, cameras, movies and healthcare. Four industries with drastic changes due to disruptive technology. In all of these cases, new technology came along and changed the paradigm consumers expected. Books moved from shelves to electronic formats, cameras shifted from film to digital, and movies changed from VHS tapes to online streaming. These three industries have changed in ways that consumers can see, but what about healthcare? Rodney Reider, president and CEO of Saint Alphonsus Health System, came to Boise State for the College of Business and Economics Speaker Series to highlight some of the ways his industry was growing and changing.

Students, faculty, and community members came together to listen to some of Reider’s insight on “Healthcare in the Age of Disruption,” the title of his presentation. Healthcare has been seeing consolidation across the country, for hospitals and insurance companies, and that has started to change some business aspects in the industry. There have also been new breakthroughs that will allow doctors to give detailed, personal care to patients, while monitoring their health in more effective ways and carrying out procedures more efficiently.

image Rodney Reider at Boise State“Rodney Reider did an excellent job articulating the possibilities and consequences of disruptive technology in the health care,” noted Hannah Joy Coad, Career Track MBA student. “As a student interested in pursuing a career in health care policy, it was inspiring to hear how health care innovation draws upon the fields of engineering, business, policy, and the health sciences to create the best business model that provides patient-centered care in a compassionate and effective manner.”

Being a part of the healthcare industry for over 20 years, Reider views the present as an exciting time for his industry, and he expects more disruptive technology in the future. With upcoming changes in mind, he will continue to lead Saint Alphonsus to embrace new technology, while continuing the company culture of providing hope for all.

View Reider’s presentation.

Applications Being Accepted for Elite Global Scholars Program

image El Morro Castle in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

El Morro Castle in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Applications are now being accepted for the Global Scholars Program (GSP). A select team of 8-10 students  will conduct a live case study in international market research before and then on the ground in Puerto Rico. The selection process of a Global Scholars Program Awardee is highly competitive and the application is rigorous. All Boise State undergraduate students are welcome to apply.

The GSP offers a combination of an internship requirement, live case study and service abroad project for students interested in learning about global business and economic development issues and actively participating in addressing them. The GSP is administered through International Business Programs in the College of Business and Economics (COBE). The associated student International Business Organization (IBO), will co-sponsor the service abroad project.

Each year a different research project is selected in relation to the overarching goal of developing the GSP model. For 2016, the GSP partner will be the Idaho Bean Commission, which seeks to develop markets and export Idaho disease free beans and bean seeds. International market research along with economic development issues (e.g. education, business development, agriculture, engineering, health and poverty) will be researched, critically analyzed and directly applied.

The research and live case study complement the Global Scholars Program as the service abroad project. It will be offered as an alternative Spring Break in 2016. Global Scholars will conduct market research and plan the on-site itinerary during the semester prior to Spring Break. They will then visit Puerto Rico and have an opportunity to interact with the market they are researching in its natural environment. While there, students will be able to continue to conduct research, collect data, and experience a “day in the life” of Puerto Rican farmers/importers. Cultural excursions will also expose students to the intricacies of international business such as language, culture, foreign currency and commerce. Upon return, students will present their research findings to the board of directors of the Bean Commission.

Nancy Napier’s Statesman Article: Is Vietnam on way to conquering American business?

In her latest blog post for the Idaho Statesman, Nancy Napier takes a look at the progress Vietnam’s business education has made since her initial involvement in the country in 1994. She writes, “At the time, the average monthly income in Vietnam for university teachers was about $30. The power and water worked intermittently. The Vietnamese had no concept — or words — for ‘business,’ ‘management,’ ‘credit line’ or ‘marketing.’ How could such a place ever conquer the U.S.? I decided to wait and see.”

Read her thoughts here.

Solar Panels Installed on Micron Business and Economics Building

An exciting new addition to the Micron Business and Economics Building happened early this week — solar panels were installed atop the Skaggs Hall of Learning. These panels will have the capacity to produce 25 kilowatts of power — the equivalent of energy used by about five households.

On Tuesday, local media were invited view the installation from the Williams Executive Boardroom on the fourth floor of our building. Dean Ken Petersen was interview by Channel 6 and Channel 2 about the project.

image solar panel installation at Micron Business and Economics Building at Boise State University

View of Skaggs roof top  from 4th floor, north wing

“To add solar power generation to our building is fantastic and in direct support of our college’s strategic priority on environmental sustainability,” said Petersen. “This addition will keep our innovative building as a model of environmental stewardship.”

Read the Update story and watch the time lapse video of the installation.

Career Track MBA Student, Jessica Bottelberghe, in Prestigious Triathlon Program

image Jessica Bottelberghe’s quest to become an Olympic triathlete was recently highlighted on KBOI. Bottelberghe is in the full-time MBA program, Career Track, at Boise State.


Meredith Black, Assistant Professor, International Business, Signs Book Deal with Brill Publishers

meredith taylor blackMeredith Black, assistant professor of international business, has recently signed a contract with BRILL to publish her book “King Cotton in International Trade: The Political Economy of Dispute Resolution at the WTO.”

Founded in 1683, Brill is a publishing house with a rich history and a strong international focus. The company’s head office is in Leiden, (The Netherlands) with a branch office in Boston, Massachusetts. Brill’s publications focus on the humanities and social sciences, international law and selected areas in the sciences.