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MSAT/JD Application Information

Important information about applying to the Concurrent JD/MSAT

  • A student must apply separately, and be admitted, to both the UI College of Law and the COBE MSAT program in order to be eligible for this Concurrent Program.
  • A student may apply for admission to the Concurrent Program at any time prior to receipt of either degree. However, given the highly regimented program of study for the Concurrent Program, we recommend students either:
  1. Obtain admission to both the JD and the MSAT programs prior to beginning either program, or
  2. Apply to the MSAT program and the Concurrent Program during their first year of law school.
  • After admission, the student must complete a FERPA release form for each university so that student records can be shared between the universities.
  • Applicants to the MSAT program that have been admitted to and enrolled in the UI College of Law JD program and who intend to enter the Concurrent Program will not be required to take the GMAT if they have a minimum score of 150 on the LSAT.
  • Students who do not have substantial business and accounting backgrounds may be required to successfully complete LAW 921, Basic Legal Accounting, at the College of Law, as a condition of admission to the Concurrent Program. Such students may also be required to complete additional prerequisites by COBE. The credit earned from these additional prerequisites does not count towards the JD or MSAT programs.