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Angel Investment Internship Application Deadline

Angel Investment Internships – Application Deadline April 5, 2010.

As an Angel Investment intern, you work for one of the local investment groups and:

  • Gain  real-world experience with the process of angel investing in start-up companies
  • Gain contacts with the local investors who fund early-stage business ventures
  • Administer the process used to decide which applicants become one of the few ventures actually considered for investment
  • Learn about and participate in the due diligence phase, learning what makes a good investment and what does not
  • Get an early look at new dynamic companies and a feel for what type of new business might be favorably considered for investment by angel organizations.


  1. These internship opportunities are for graduate students only.  MBA candidates can count this internship as 1 credit towards the 9 required MBA elective credits.
  2. Preference is given to those looking for internships lasting one calendar year.  A minimum commitment of six months may also be considered.

For additional information and how to apply please contact either:

Jeff Sugheir
COBE Management Professor

Kent Neupert
COBE Management Professor and Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship

Former Intern Testimonial

My experience with the Boise Angel Alliance was one of the main highlights at the Boise State MBA program.  I was able to gain insight into small business from a number of experienced mentors.  My learning came through networking and talking to a lot of the members.  I also had the privilege of working on the due diligence team for one of their potential investments.  This experience also allowed me to put my schooling into practice and utilize the knowledge that is most valuable.  This internship provided me with a better idea of how small businesses are structured and how to best get funding through the different available sources.  Learning how to setup the ownership structure with angel investors was also very beneficial.  This gave me valuable knowledge that I can use when I am ready to raise money for my own venture.  I will be leveraging this after I sharpen my skills through the great mentors I currently have.  I would definitely recommend this opportunity to any student interested in entrepreneurship and finance.

Nic Kawaguchi

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