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Marketing Internships

Internships offer students opportunities to enhance their academic learning with hands on experiences in the field of marketing. For employers, an internship program can improve productivity and enhance your organizations perspective while mentoring aspiring professionals in marketing. The department of marketing offers two courses, MKTG 293 and MKTG 493, through which students can earn college credit for qualifying marketing internship positions.

Information for Students

For students seeking an internship,  please visit the COBE internship board for available marketing internship positions.

For students who have already identified an internship for which they would like credit, please follow the instructions on the Boise State Career Center internship page.

To qualify for academic credit, an internship position must meet all of the following conditions:

  • The intern must work 135 hours in the position to receive 3 university credits.
  • The position must provide students with significant hands on experience with marketing related activities and responsibilities.
  • The intern must be supervised by someone who’s primary role is marketing.

Information for Employers

For employers seeking to hire a Boise State marketing student, please visit Boise State Career Center’s employers page.

For additional information for students or employers, please see COBE Career Services.