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Business Communication

BusCom 201 is a prerequisite for several core business courses including Mktg 301, Mgmt 301, ITM 310, and SCM 345. You must have completed BusCom 201 with a C- or better before you will be allowed to enroll in any of these courses.

When to take  BusCom 201

Students generally take BusCom 201 in their sophomore year.


English 102 with a C- or better.

Course Description

Effectiveness and correctness of writing and psychology of letter and report writing stressed through the preparation of a variety of business correspondence. Specific writing problems used in conjunction with various cases with realistic opportunities to develop writing skills following a designated style. Oral presentations skills included.

Equivalency Review

If you believe that a course you have taken at another university closely resembles our BusCom 201, you may request an equivalency review. The link below will give you information about the abilities you should be able to demonstrate and the process by which you can request an equivalency review. Please read the instructions carefully and follow them precisely.

The Coordinator of Business Communication will review your materials and let you know the result of his review within a few days of your submission.

How to Request an Equivalency Review


Direct questions about BusCom 201 or the equivalency review process to:

Patrick Delana