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Permission Numbers

Permission numbers are six-digit codes used to override class capacity, override class requisites, and validate conditional registrations. Issuing permission numbers for any reason is at the discretion of the department. If you transferred a course to Boise State and had to get an academic adjustment, chances are that you’ll get a registration error if that class is a prereq for a class you’re trying to register for. Just include a note about that in your email request and the department will confirm that you meet the prereqs for the class.

Request permission number

OR you may email Kili Murphy, the Department of Management admin assistant:

You must include the following information in your email to be considered for a permission number:

  • Name
  • Student ID
  • Course and section number (example: GENBUS 101-001)
  • Reason for needing a permission number

Please allow at least 1 business day for a response to your request. Following the review, you will receive a response via email. Permission numbers are section-specific and you can only enter it once. You may not transfer your number to another student. If you receive a conditional permission number, you will have to meet all the agreed upon conditions in order to remain enrolled in the class. Enter your permission number when adding the class to your enrollment shopping cart on your myBoiseState student center

COBE Contact Info

Each department controls the enrollment in their classes. To request permission numbers for other COBE courses, please refer to the following table:

Course PrefixDepartmentContactEmail AddressRoom No.
ACCTAccountancyAlex WilliamsonAlexWilliamson@boisestate.eduMBEB 3124
BUSCOMMMarketingElaine LacailladeITSCM@boisestate.eduMBEB 3259
BUSSTATIT-SCMElaine LacailladeITSCM@boisestate.eduMBEB 3259
ECONEconomicsLaDawn BarreraLaDawnBarrera@boisestate.eduMBEB 3246
FINANFinanceAlex WilliamsonAlexWilliamson@boisestate.eduMBEB 3124
GENBUSManagementKili MurphyKiliMurphy@boisestate.eduMBEB 2103
HRMManagementKili MurphyKiliMurphy@boisestate.eduMBEB 2103
INTBUSManagementKili MurphyKiliMurphy@boisestate.eduMBEB 2103
ITMIT-SCMElaine LacailladeITSCM@boisestate.eduMBEB 3259
MGMTManagementKili MurphyKiliMurphy@boisestate.eduMBEB 2103
MKTGMarketing Elaine LacailladeITSCM@boisestate.eduMBEB 3259
SCMIT-SCMElaine LacailladeITSCM@boisestate.eduMBEB 3259