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Minor or Certificate in Nonprofit Management

students at nonprofit workshop

The Nonprofit Management Minor is a 21-credit interdisciplinary focus on nonprofit management and community development efforts. Students from all majors can use this minor to pursue their interests in all manner of philanthropy and community development in a variety of policy areas.


The Nonprofit Management Certificate is a 12-credit interdisciplinary focus on nonprofit management and community development effort. Students from all majors can use this certificate. The core NONPROF classes are

NONPROF 240 Introduction to Nonprofit Management
NONPROF 340 Volunteer Management and The Nonprofit (previously NONPROF 450)
NONPROF 440 or ENGL 314 Funding for Nonprofits or Proposal Development (previously NONPROF 441)
One communication class:
BUSCOM 201, CMGT 201, ENGL 202, or ENGL 302


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NONPROF 340 (previously NONPROF 450) – Section 1070
Saturday 9:00-Noon
River Front Hall  Room 206
Instructor Kathleen McDonald

NONPROF 440 (previously NONPROF 441) – Section 1070
Thursday 6:00-8:45 p.m.
Interactive Learning Center Room 401
Instructor Kathleen McDonald



  • Gundars (Gundy) Kaupins
    Department of Management
    208-426- 4014
  • Caile Spear
    Department of Community & Environmental Health
    NONPROF Internship contact
    208-426- 3656
  • Kara Brascia
    Director, Service-Learning
    208-426- 2380


Do I have to apply to do the minor?

Yes, you apply through the registrar.

Does the internship requirement have a class number and can I take the internship from any department?

The class number is 493 and can be taken from any department as long it is with an approved nonprofit organization. See Caille Spear (,  208-426-3656) for a visit concerning NONPROF 493

When are the main Nonprofit classes offered?

NONPROF 240 and NONPROF (KINES) 441 are offered in the summer and fall. NONPROF 440 and NONPROF 450 offered in the summer and spring.

Is there a student organization associated with the minor?

Yes. The Student Nonprofit Organization. The organization helps students network with nonprofit agencies, network with fellow students interested in nonprofits, connect with the Idaho Nonprofit Center and Boise Metro Chamber Nonprofit Council, attend and support nonprofit conferences, promote nonprofit scholarships. For more information, contact Gundy Kaupins or Kara Brascia