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Entrepreneurship, Human Resources and General Business internship questions should be directed to Gundy Kaupins, management internship coordinator, (208) 426-4014 or

International Business internship questions should be directed to Susan Park, department chair. (208) 426-3070 or

How To Apply

You can find internships at or you can find internships on your own.

Once you have found an internship opportunity for credit, go to to begin the registration process. Log in using your username and password.

  • Accept the student agreement
  • Create an application
  • Enter the required information—job description and contact information
  • You may “save” and return later
  • Hit “submit” – the status of your internship will be “Awaiting Department Internship Coordinator Approval”
  • The Department Internship Coordinator (Dr. Gundy Kaupins,, 426-4014) and your supervisor at your organization must approve your proposal
  • You will be notified by e-mail that your internship has been accepted (or rejected)

Internship Benefits

  • Receive academic credit for management-related work experience.
  • Internships count as Boise State electives (MGMT 293, HRM 293, or ENTREP 293 for Freshmen and Sophomores and MGMT 493, HRM 493, or ENTREP 493 for Juniors and Seniors).
  • Typical Internship: 135+ work hours for 3 credit hours, 1 credit hour per 45 hours worked.
  • Internship credit hours count toward the 128 credit hours needed for graduation.

Internship Restrictions

  • Academic Requirements: 2.5 Overall GPA, 3.0 Business GPA.
  • HRM 493, MGMT 493, and ENTREP 493 require College of Business and Economics admission.
  • Students are graded on a pass-fail basis.
  • Internships do not replace any classes.
  • 3 credit hour maximum per internship, 6 credit hour maximum per semester, 12 credit hour maximum per student.
  • Under no circumstances may internship credit be received for experience prior to the date that the internship is approved. This must be a new job.
  • The activities of the internship must be management-related. Jobs that are too clerical (e.g., typing, moving files), physical labor (e.g., lifting), or sales will not be counted as internships. Past internships have included writing job descriptions, developing surveys, analyzing survey results and false advertising, writing employee handbooks, training employees, and redesigning financial reports.
  • The deadline for applications is always the drop date for classes in any given semester (e.g., late February for the spring semester, late June for the summer semester, and late September for the fall semester).
  • Management Department internships may not be with the the following companies: Southwestern, CollegePro, College Works. Vector/Cutco, Vanguard Pest Control, ADT Securities, AllGuard Pest Control, and Orkin.
  • Many other alarm, painting, and pest control companies may require students to be independent contractors or require students to invest some of their money to join. Independent contractor/investment requirements are not allowed.

Internship Requirements

  • Fulfill your job duties as described in the application for internship form. If there is a major change in duties, please contact Dr. Kaupins as soon as possible.
  • The university requires that any student participating in an internship must complete an on-line workshop covering key areas of liability. The top secret location of the internship workshop is located at Log in to the site and then click onto “Internship Application For Credit.” Near the bottom of the next page, you will see, “To view the online internship workshop, CLICK HERE.”
  • Complete a 4-5 page paper by the last day of the semester and turn it into Gundy Kaupins at The paper must be double-spaced and should:

a. Summarize what you accomplished
b. Suggest how your performance can be improved
c. Suggest how your internship can be improved
d. Link your internship to the classes you have taken

Study Abroad Internships

  • To determine whether an internship can quality for academic credit with your department, review their opportunity with you as their department internship coordinator.
  • Once students have their internship identified and are ready to register for the internship course, they must complete their application “manually” because the timing for grading is different regarding an internship completed abroad. Students can get the manual application from either Dr. Kaupins or Rhosan Ames in the Registrar’s office.
  • Students must complete their form by the 6th week following the beginning of their classes in their Study Abroad Program. Some students will complete their paperwork ahead of time and some will not know the internship details until they arrive in their host country.
  • Once they have completed the form and receive signatures from Dr. Kaupins and their organization supervisor (email approvals will work), students must return the form to Sara Dart in the Boise State University International Learning Office (208-426-4228;
  • Sara gathers the grades after the Study Abroad experience and provides that information to the Registrar’s office.