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Be Global

students in AustraliaInternational internships and study abroad opportunities allow students the chance to learn from another culture, make academic and professional connections, and gain exposure to different types of business.  Our students earn highly coveted internships with organizations such as Nabisco, Hitachi, United States Embassies, Idaho Department of Commerce, and the Basque Government.

Students who study abroad expand their global perspective and develop their international network of friends and colleagues. Since International Business majors are required to study a foreign language, we highly encourage students to travel to a region where they can develop their proficiency. Boise State University offers spectacular study abroad opportunities to students, many of which can be funded using Boise State financial aid.

Is International Business Right for You?

As an International Business major, you will develop skills and competencies desired by employers, learn a foreign language, intern with an international firm, and grow a global network of business professionals. Our majors are highly-motivated, innovative students who see a world of opportunities for international trade. Explore the  International Business Organization to learn more about our students and how you can be involved.

The International Business (IB) Programs is comprised of multi-disciplinary, complementary programs that expand and enrich the educational offerings across the five departments within the College of Business and Economics at Boise State University. It is the litmus test within the college for how we are adapting to market demand and how we are responding to our globalized business environment. The International Business Programs strives to provide the highest value preparation to undergraduate, graduate, and professional students, enabling them to compete successfully in the global economy.

Boise State University’s international business majors are students of the world, and they represent a variety of diverse cultures and languages. More than 40 percent of COBE students who study abroad are international business majors.

Why International Business?

Findings from the IB stakeholder analysis:

  • When hiring, 80% of companies would give preference to a person with expertise in the IB field
  • 57% of those companies do not (yet) have an employee dedicated to IB functions
  • 70% of companies recognized a need within their organization to have one or more employees with IB training

Explore Your Study Abroad Opportunities

Where Our Students Go

Natalie Lipkowitz, Valencia

Natalie Lipkowitz, a senior IB major, spent a spring semester studying at the University of the Basque Country.  Through her experience, Natalie had the opportunity to live with a host family in Bilbao, Spain, expand her Spanish conversational skills, and travel to several European countries, including France, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, and Hungary.
Participating in two study abroad opportunities, Rachel Holt spent one semester in Shanghai, China, and another semester in Tokyo, Japan.  In China Rachel studied at Shanghai University’s Zhabei campus, providing opportunities to network with Chinese businesses and expand her Mandarin skills.  In Tokyo Rachel studied at Hosei University’s Ichigaya campus, a university that partners with Boise State through a highly acclaimed exchange program.  Both experiences broadened Rachel’s cultural perspective and provided valuable experience and knowledge for future international business endeavors.
Rachel Holt in Shanghai

student standing in front of building in Spain
Through University Studies Abroad Consortium, Armando Silva took the opportunity to study in Bilbao, Spain, allowing him to travel throughout Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.  While living in Spain, Armando interned for the Anboto Group, utilized as a Spanish-English translator.  With the help of Boise’s strong ties to the Basque culture, Armando also had the opportunity to intern for the Basque Government, working on a renewable energy initiative.

Ekaterina Strebkova Harper originally studied to be a teacher of English and German at a Russian university before transferring to Boise State.  Upon becoming an IB major, Ekaterina spent the summer of 2012 studying abroad in Pao, France.  Her multiple language proficiencies have aided her travels across European countries and allowed her to offer language tutoring services in Boise.
woman standing in front of Eiffel Tower