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Management Department Recent Accomplishments

Journal Articles:

Kaupins, Gundars., Wanek, James., Coco, M. (2014). Human Resource Manager Perceptions of Online Course Reimbursement. International Journal of Management and Human Resources, 2(1), 29-47.

Park, Susan. (2014). Employee Internet Privacy:  A Proposed Act That Balances Legitimate Employer Rights and Employee Privacy. American Business Law Journal, 51(4), 779-841.

Wanek, James., Kaupins, Gundars., Coco, M. (2014). The Relationship of HR Professional Online Experience With Perceptions of Organizational Hiring and Promotion of Online Graduates. Journal of Education for Business, 89(5), 222-229.


Bixby, Mike., Patrick, C., Beck-Dudley, C., Park, Susan. (2014). Legal Environment of Business (6th ed). Legal Environment of Business.. Pearson Custom Publishing.

Kaupins, Gundars. (2014). HR Management Study Games:  Certification Prep and Refresher. (pp. 240). University Press.


Neupert, Kent (Principal), “Boise State I-Corps Sites Program,” Sponsored by National Science Foundation, Federal, Submitted. Total Amount Requested: $248,905.00. (June 30, 2014 – Present)

Solan, David Francis (Principal), Taylor Black, Meredith (Co-Investigator), Black, Geoffrey (Co-Investigator), “A Comprehensive Decision Framework for Assessment the Adoption of Small & Medium-sized Reactors: Analysis of Key Factors and Member State Requirements and Capabilities,” Sponsored by International Atomic Energy Agency, Foreign, Awarded. Total Amount Requested: $41,002.00, Amount of Total Award: $41,002.00. (August 28, 2014 – Present)


Suciu, Christy. (Presenter/Author), Baughn, Chris. (Author), The Business of Social and Environmental Innovation 2014 Conference, “Design Thinking and Models of Entrepreneurial Innovation,” University of Cape Town, Graduate School of Business, Cape Town, South Africa. (Presented: October 23, 2014).

Buchanan, Mark. (Author), Conference on Social Responsibility, “CSR and the Social Contract: New Lenses for Stakeholder Analysis and Strategic Management,” Milgard School of Business, University of Washington, Tacoma; Tacoma, WA. (Presented: July 10, 2014). Peer-Reviewed/Refereed.

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