Below are links to PowerPoint Modules for Principles of Microeconomics. You may left click and view the modules in your browser or right click and save the files to a convenient folder on your computer. You will need PowerPoint or PowerPoint Viewer.

PowerPoint Modules
Introduction - an introduction to the basic concepts in basic microeconomics.
Circular Flow
Math Review - an short review of basic math skills for microeconomics
Production Possibilities - a short presentation on the PPF.
Demand and Supply - basic supply and demand models.
Elasticity - basic concepts of price, income and cross elasticity
Markets - the market as an allocation process
Consumer Behavior - Utility theory and demand curves.
Production and Cost - the theory of production and cost functions.
Competition - Pure competition and the "ideal" of the market
Profit Maximization
Construction of Isoquant
Market Power - Deviations from the "ideal" of the competitive market


Materials provided by
R. Larry Reynolds
Jan '07