EC 311

Syllabus (pdf)
Ec311 Course Outline
General References
Writing Assignment 2
Writing Suggestions
Term Paper Grades


Electronic Text

Prologue (pdf)
Chapter 1 - Introduction (pdf)
Chapter 2 - A Problem of Knowing
Chapter 3 - Evolution of Microeconomics


Topic Outlines and Materials

- Mercantilist (outline)
- Timeline (pdf)

- Physiocrats (outline)
- Classical Economics (outline)
- Smith's System (chart)
- Screpanti/Zamagni's 5 Revolutions
- Falling rate of profit (Marx's version)

- A 22 minute interview with Marx
(Dr. Peter Lichtenstein is the vocie of Marx.(.ra file)
The Stucture of Microeconomics (flow chart)

Dillard's View of Keynsian Economics (flow chart)
- Important links

- Heterodox Graduate Programs
- Graduate programs in Econ
Canada and US (Maintained at SUNY-Albany)

Harmonic Mean

Materials provided by
R. Larry Reynolds
Jan '07