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Supply Chain Management

The Supply Chain Management (SCM) program at Boise State has a reputation for being one of the most comprehensive and respected operations programs in the western United States. Outstanding students are attracted by the program’s rigor and marketability with employers.

SCM professionals focus on the managerial activities required to design, plan, produce, distribute, and support goods and services. Typical activities include negotiating and acquiring raw materials and supplies, scheduling the organization’s resources, designing or re-engineering business processes to improve quality and efficiency, and managing the company’s supply and distribution networks. While often associated with production, increasingly, graduates of this major also move into service areas such as health care, customer service, and retail distribution.

Supply Chain Jobs

Examples of job titles associated with Supply Chain Management are:

  • Quality Management Specialist
  • Vendor Relations Manager
  • Production Planner
  • Logistics Analyst
  • Materials Management
  • Purchasing Specialist


The Supply Chain Management major has among the highest placement rates and starting salaries of any major in the College of Business and Economics. Salaries in the SCM field vary with responsibilities and experience. DC Velocity’s annual salary survey for 2015 states “the median salary of newcomers to the profession (those with five or fewer years of experience in logistics) was $110,957.”


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