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FAQ – Internships

ITSCM Internship Coordinators

Regis Terpend, Ph.D.
SCM Internship Coordinator and
Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management
Office: MBEB 2113
Tel: 208-426-2949

John Wee
ITM Internship Coordinator and Lecturer
Office: MBEB 2106
Tel: 208-426-2483

Considering an Internship

What are the benefits of an internship?

The main benefit of internships is that they provide hands-on experience to students, which is particularly useful to students who have little work experience or students whose work experiences have been in unrelated fields. Having SCM work experience in your resume is highly regarded by companies during the recruiting process. In fact, statistics show that over 85 percent of U.S. college students graduate with internship experience, so make sure you are in position to compete with these students. Your internship supervisor can often be used as a reference in your resume during your job search.

Another benefit is that an internship can be taken for credit toward your degree, as a supply chain elective. This means that the credits taken as internship will not have to be earned through other SCM electives. Internships may be particularly useful during the summer semester, when offering for SCM electives can be scarce.

Are internships only available during the summer?

Companies tend to hire interns during the summer time and, as a consequence, most students are doing their internship during the summer. However, it is possible to do an internship at any time: Fall, Spring or Summer semesters. You must do the internship in the semester you are receiving credit. Internship credit is considered academic credit and will be billed as such depending upon your part- or full-time status during the semester you are participating in the internship 

How many units can I take for credit?

The SCM department allows students to take up to three (3) units for internship that will count toward the SCM electives. It is possible to take additional units (i.e., beyond three credits) but they will not count toward your degree.

What type of duties will I be performing during my internship?

The array of possible duties within the Supply Chain field is virtually unlimited. It could range from Lean Manufacturing implementation, to inventory forecast and management, ordering from suppliers, monitoring shipments (including international shipments), process analysis, quality improvement, waste management and much more…

How much work needs to be performed?

In accordance to the state board of education requirements, a minimum of 45 hours must be performed by the intern for every credit-hour. Therefore, a student should expect to work a minimum of 135 hours to qualify for a three-credit class.

Will I get paid for my internship?

Our experience has been that a majority of internships are paid-internships. However, as a general rule it is better for students to approach the internship thinking that the experience gained during an internship is more valuable than the hypothetical monetary compensation proposed by the company.

Can an Internship lead to a full-time position?

Yes. In fact, statistics collected by the Career Center show that over one third of Boise State students who participate in an internship receive their full-time position as a direct result of their internship. An internship constitutes a foot in the door for the student, and an opportunity for a company to gauge how well a particular student is able to perform in a corporate environment. If a student performs well, there’s little incentive for a company to look elsewhere.

Finding an Internship and Registering for SCM493

Where can I find an Internship?

Finding an Internship position is the sole responsibility of the student. However, the SCM department will share any opportunity that we are aware of with SCM students. These opportunities will be posted on the SCM Major Blackboard website as they come to our attention, and you will be warned by email. Another great resource is the Career Center’s web based job posting system located at If you’re planning to graduate with a SCM major and are considering an internship, please make sure the major recorded in your my.BoiseState account is up-to-date.

What are the prerequisites for taking SCM493?

The only prerequisite is SCM345 (Principles of Operations Management).

Are there costs involved with taking an Internship?

The main cost associated with an internship is the cost of paying the tuition for the number of units covered by the internship. Some companies may have additional requirements (particularly in the heath-care field) that may come at an additional cost, including background check, medical check or vaccination shot(s). Make sure you inquire about potential extra-costs during your interview process.

What is the process to register my internship for credit?

Here are the steps necessary to complete an internship application for SCM 493

Find an internship (i.e., you must reach an agreement with an organization to hire you as an intern).

Send a description of your internship to your Internship Coordinator. It should look like a typical job description: description of duties and responsibilities, the requirements and the tasks you’d be performing. Your Internship Coordinator will review it and approve it if it is consistent with typical duties and responsibilities of an SCM assignment. If you found your internship through the SCM department posting, you can directly jump to step 3.

Fill up the form available from the career services web page. Click on the following link and follow instructions:
Once you have completed and submitted the form, your Internship Coordinator will automatically receive an email and will review your application. If the form is filled appropriately, it will be approved online. If inconsistencies or problems are detected, your Internship Coordinator may choose to edit it or even reject it. After the form is approved by your Internship Coordinator, an email will be sent to your Internship Supervisor who will have to approve it too. Then, you will receive an email informing you about the approval. At this point, you have nothing else to do. The Registrar’s office will automatically add SCM 493 on your list of classes.

Completing your Internship

Who will monitor me during the internship?

Your internship supervisor will be your main contact during the internship and will be responsible for monitoring your progress and answering questions that help you perform well in your job assignment. In addition, your Internship Coordinator will make regular inquiries to make sure you are on track. In case of problems or concerns, you can also contact your Internship Coordinator.

On what basis will I be graded?

An internship is graded on a Pass/Fail basis. You need to submit a written report to your Internship Coordinator who will decide of the grade based on the content of that report. The guidelines for the written report are available in the following document.

What are the guidelines for the written report?

The report must be submitted to Dr. Terpend at least two weeks before the end of the semester in which the internship credit is earned.

The text of the report will be approximately 10 pages in length, 1.5 spaced, and follow a standard format (12 point font and 1 inch margins), with each section proceeded by a heading

The report will include the following, where applicable:

  • An overview of company and the department to which you were assigned.
  • A description of your various job assignments.
  • A description of your accomplishments.
  • To the extent that your work was related to the SCM courses completed, discuss the applicable concepts and how your experience reinforced or contradicted the classroom presentation of the concepts. In citing the classroom material, include endnotes and references.
  • Describe how the internship benefited you as a complement to your classroom experience. How did it contribute to your professional experience?
  • Discuss your working relationship with your supervisor and associates.
  • What did you learn about working with others?
  • What recommendations would you give to improve the internship experience?
  • In conclusion, how would you rate the educational value of your internship? How does your experience relate to your career goals?

When is the written report due?

The written report is due two weeks before the official grade due date for the semester.

Will the report be shared with my internship supervisor?

No, your report will only be read by your internship coordinator at Boise State and kept confidential. The information in the report is only between the student and Boise State.

What if I am not able to complete my internship before the end of the semester?

Occasionally, a student may not be able to complete the required internship hours before the end of the semester. If this situation happens, please contact your Internship Coordinator as early as possible. One solution to that problem is for the student to request additional time to the Internship Coordinator. This request will be considered on a case-by-case basis. If the request is approved, the student will receive an Incomplete for the semester and will agree on a future completion date with the Internship Coordinator. Upon completion of the internship, your Incomplete grade will be replaced with a Pass or Fail grade.