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ITM496 Professional Certification Option

ITM496 Coordinator:  Dr. Rob Anson,   (208) 426-3029


ITM496 allows a student to pursue a particular specialization in our field, engage in self-study, and demonstrate their achievement by passing an agreed-upon set of professional certification exams. Up to 3 credits can be applied to ITM elective requirements. Details are tailored for each individual student, worked out with the ITM496 Coordinator. ITM496 credit is given only for new learning that you undertake, not for past learning already acquired. Please see the FAQ Page for more information.

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Eligibility and Prerequisites

To be eligible to apply for ITM496 credit, you must meet the following:

  • ITM496 may be taken only with prior special arrangement with the ITM496 Coordinator.
  • You must be a declared ITM major who has completed at least two ITM courses at the 300 or 400 level with a grade of C or better in both.
  • You may only receive 3 total credits that will fulfill ITM elective requirements.
  •  ITM496 may be taken in the fall, spring or summer semesters.

Steps to Apply for ITM496

  1. When you start thinking about a certification…
    1. Fill out ITM496 Application Form; send to Coordinator
    2. Talk with Coordinator—in person or phone to discuss certs, options, etc.
  2. When you are ready to formalize a plan…
    1. Fill out ITM496 Agreement Form, send to Coordinator. This includes the specific, agreed upon, certification, the exams to take, and the time frame to complete them.
  3. When you are ready to enroll in the semester that you plan to complete your certification exams…
    1. Fill out Independent Study Application, send to Coordinator for signatures
    2. Coordinator signs and submits to Registrar
    3. You are now officially enrolled in ITM496
  4. Study;  Take the exam;  Get your  results!
  5. Submit your results and summary.
    1. Fill out ITM496 Completion Form & email to Coordinator.  (At the latest, one week following Finals of the semester you were enrolled.)
    2. Hold final debriefing talk with Coordinator– in person or phone.
    3. Coordinator submits ‘Request for Academic Adjustment’ form to the Registrar.
    4. You receive your (hopefully) Pass grade.

Timing The Exam(s) and ITM496 Enrollment

You will enroll in ITM496 in the semester when you will take the last of the agreed-upon exams. There are two exceptions to this, both at the sole discretion of the Coordinator:

  • If you failed the exams, an ‘Incomplete’ might be granted. The Incomplete must be completed in the immediately following semester.
  • If the certification was completed within six months prior to the application, the Coordinator may approve an application to enroll for the ITM496 credit in the upcoming semester.


ITM496 is only taken on a pass/fail, for-credit basis.  (No audit or challenge.) For a Passing grade, all requirements must be met satisfactorily in the specified time frame, including all exams passed and the summary evaluation completed.