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Welcome to IT-SCM

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The Time is Right

As the economy slowly improves, organizations are again seeking bright talent that can help them solve problems. The Treasure Valley is particularly interesting to outside organizations such as Microsoft, who are seeking to expand operations or fund new start-ups. To do this, we need to have technical talent to supply these organizations as well as many healthy high tech entities around the valley.

Network management and security skills remain in high demand from a variety of organizations. Additionally, with the beginning of retirements among the boomer generation, experts are predicting a critical shortage of IT workers. Businesses today are seeking people with an understanding of key business drivers, business processes, and project management, with both communication and team skills—along with the specific skill sets you will learn in our majors. Differentiate yourself and become more marketable by combining core business skills with program options.

Exciting Career Options

Boise, Idaho capitol buildingOur technology graduates enter the work force at some of the highest starting salaries in the college, and join the ranks of systems developers, database administrators, and network administrators, or newly defined roles such as security specialists, business analysts, business architects, and enterprise modelers. These new roles work with other business units to identify requirements and help translate them into tangible project deliverables, or improve the security and efficiency of existing networks.

Opportunities in operations and supply chain management continue to be strong. New grads enter the rapidly growing area of procurement, project management, and production and inventory planning for local and regional organizations. Not just an area for manufacturing, operations tools and techniques are needed anywhere processes and materials flow through an organization. Employers include hospitals, wholesale or retail distributors, government entities, and manufacturing of many varieties.

About Our Faculty and Curriculum

The IT-SCM faculty stays current in their fields through research, contact with peers and regular interaction with the business community. They incorporate examples from real life, include speakers and cases that enhance the learning process, and incorporate service-oriented projects where appropriate. Community outreach is emphasized through student projects and internships, teach teaching, and professional instructors.

Many classes are taught in our state-of-the-art Micron Networking and Telecomm teaching classroom. Our students study leading edge technology through hands-on labs, simulations, and a variety of interactive learning methods. Our curriculum is updated regularly to stay in line with the needs of our hiring companies.


The department internship program is an excellent way to get on-the-job experience and explore the variety of career options in your chosen field. Plus, you will receive course credit for approved internships and be paid for your efforts!

For Further Information

image HEIDI CAREY, SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT - Signature Student and dept. chair Tom Gattiker Boise State

Heidi Carey, Supply Chain Management Signature Student 2016 with Dr. Tom Gattiker

Check out details on our programs on this site, or contact us for an advising appointment. Each of these majors will lead to a challenging and stimulating career, and allow ample room for specialization into areas you find most interesting. We also welcome returning students who find they need a knowledge update, or seek a second degree in one of our fields.

For further information, please contact us at:, call 208-426-1181, or visit the Micron Business and Economics Building, Room 3248. Let us know how we can help you succeed in your academic endeavors!