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International Business Programs

  • Micron Business and Economics Building

    Welcome to Boise State University's International Business Programs, housed in one of the newest and best equipped buildings on campus.

  • Located in Idaho’s Capital

    The College of Business and Economics is within walking distance of the State Capitol, located in the heart of Idaho's political and international affairs.

  • Community Engagement

    Learn about the exciting ways the International Business Programs engages and supports businesses in the community and abroad.

  • image Bastian Thomsen and Boise State's International Business Organization students
    International Business Organization

    Check out the amazing out-of-classroom experiences you can have through the student-run International Business Organization.

The International Business (IB) Programs is comprised of multi-disciplinary, complementary programs that expand and enrich the educational offerings across the five departments within the College of Business and Economics at Boise State University. It is the litmus test within the college for how we are adapting to market demand and how we are responding to our globalized business environment. The International Business Programs strives to provide the highest value preparation to undergraduate, graduate, and professional students, enabling them to compete successfully in the global economy.

Boise State University’s international business majors are students of the world, and they represent a variety of diverse cultures and languages. More than 40 percent of COBE students who study abroad are international business majors. Learn more about where our students go.

Why International Business?

Findings from the IB Stakeholder Analysis:

  • When hiring, 80% of companies would give preference to a person with expertise in the IB field
  • 57% of those companies do not (yet) have an employee dedicated to IB functions
  • 70% of companies recognized a need within their organization to have one or more employees with IB training

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