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Vincent Nguyen – San Jose, California

By: Sean Luster

Vincent Nguyen, Signature Student, studio portrait, photo by Priscilla Grover

Vincent Nguyen, a COBE Signature Student, is an IT management major with an interest in the security and networking side of the field. Vincent was born and raised in San Jose, California by his parents who escaped from Vietnam during the Vietnam War. His family, which also includes two brothers, eventually moved to Meridian, where he went to Meridian Technical Charter High School under the “Computer Network Pathway.” After initially not wanting to attend that school, he wound up enjoying his experience, which led him to choose to major in IT management.

When it came to choosing where to attend college, Vincent wanted to stay in Boise because of the positives that the community offered. He had a more positive feeling than he had back in San Jose and he felt Boise offered plentiful diverse experiences. He feels proud to call himself a Boise State University Bronco and will knows he will look back on his experiences with excitement and happiness.

Vincent grew up with a different background than many others, coming from a household that pushed him with high expectations. During his time at Boise State University, he feels like that upbringing allowed him to help bring the best out of other students as well. He has developed a strong work ethic and always strives to do the best he can. “Why reach for the stars when you can shoot higher,” he says.