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Rebekah Grad

By: Sean Luster

grad_rebekah_600pxRebekah Grad, a COBE Signature Student, is an Idaho native who grew up in Cascade. She is a Career Track MBA student who wants to be able to protect and defend people, and therefore wants to have a career in forensic investigations with the Department of Justice. Originally, her plan was to get a political science degree, but when she realized that she was more interested in the business side of crime than the political side, she found her way over to the College of Business and Economics. Rebekah realized that most crimes have some association with money, and that is where she thought having a finance degree would come in handy.

After declaring her major, Rebekah fell in love with the program after meeting professors that she felt wanted her to succeed in her aspirations. Because of her experiences, she also agreed to become a TA to help other students fall in love with the program just like she did. Rebekah is also the CFO of the Financial Management Association, where she manages finances and is helping the group plan a trip to New York to tour various financial institutions.

While being a focused and driven individual, Rebekah also makes time to enjoy outdoor adventures such as mountain biking and climbing. Her dedication allows her to be successful in what she pursues and she states that it is important to “work hard because anything worth having is worth working for.”