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Misty Kivett

By: Sean Luster

Misty Kivett, Oitstanding Graduate for the College of Business and Economics at Boise StateMisty Kivett graduated in the 2016 fall semester as the Outstanding Graduate for information technology management. Misty is a mother of three who spent some time working for Ford/Loral Aerospace as a programmer and analyst after graduating with a computer information systems degree. After raising her children she decided to go back to school update her education and get back into the workforce.

Although she is not entirely sure what she wants to be when she grows up, Misty knows that she likes working with data and with people. She enjoys being able to crunch numbers, but would also enjoy a management role to put her interpersonal skills to good use. As a second degree seeker, she was often chosen to lead groups which she enjoyed because she felt well qualified  from her real-world leadership experience from being a mom.

Graduating for the second time, she notes, “It’s never too late to change course.”