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Mark Kondratyuk

Mark Kondratyuk,Mark Kondratyuk, a COBE Signature Student and an entrepreneurship major, was born in Portland, Oregon, and raised in Idaho by his parents who emigrated from Ukraine. As he was growing up, Mark would help his father with his work in construction where he developed a love for woodworking that he has to this day. Besides picking up a hobby, working in construction opened Mark’s eyes to the real estate industry, where he feels that he can connect his entrepreneurial spirit and his desire to help others. He likes the freedom the real estate industry can give, but knows it requires self-motivation to make a living and he enjoys that challenge.

Mark is graduating this December  (2016), and he is happy to have spent his college experience at Boise State University, where he was able to interact with “high caliber professors with real-world experience.”

Coming from immigrant parents, Mark realizes the importance of diversity and enjoyed having a university experience consisting of people with different beliefs and perspectives. He believes that by sharing our own opinions, we all can learn from each other. “Take time to care for someone and listen to where they’re coming from; it’s not about imposing your opinion on them, it’s about trying to help others,” he says.