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Adam Ramsey

By: Sean Luster

ramsey_adam_600pxAdam Ramsey, a COBE Signature Student pursuing a degree in marketing, sees himself as “the definition of a non-traditional student.” Adam has a 10-year old daughter and is working toward a career in content marketing. He was aware of the university’s strong national brand, and he is excited to be able to graduate with his degree in December 2016.

Enjoying studying psychology and philosophy, Adam finds himself to be an analytical person. He has already been harnessing the analytical side of marketing as he constantly reads up on new trends and new pieces of information to stay up-to-date in the marketing field.

Throughout Adam’s educational career, “it’s never been about grades.” His biggest focus has always been working to create the best content possible, rather than finding short-cuts to just get by. He also places importance on forming good relationships with professors. There are lessons to be learned from professors’ various experiences and diverse backgrounds.

Insights Adam has had because of being a “non-traditional” student, have served him well during his schooling.