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Inclusive Excellence

College of Business and Economics students., Aram Kim and Busayo Apampa, Boise State

COBE students from Idaho and around the world share their stories.

We turn the spotlight on some of our outstanding students whose talents and contributions enrich our college.

Santosh Chaurasia

Santosh Chaurasia – Nepal

Santosh’s move to the United States was the hardest thing he had ever done. His hardworking ability and persistence helped him succeed. Read more about Santosh.

Emily Valla

Emily Valla – Boise

Local News 8 reporter sparks interest in becoming an active member in the Boise business community. Read more about Emily.

Maya Duratovic

Maya Duratovic – Bosnia

Because she is unable to travel all over the world, she is trying to bring the world to Boise. Read more about Maya.

McK Schroeder

McK Schroeder – New Plymouth, Idaho

Fluent in the Japanese, McK will work in Japan once she graduates. Read more about McK.

Steven Bennett

Steven Bennett -Saskatchewan, Canada

“My mom always told me that I had an eye for accounting—I probably should’ve listened to her because now I’m here at Boise State getting my master in accountancy.” Read more about Steven.

Lauren Butler

Lauren Butler – Sacramento, California

From a hairdresser to a profession in public policy, Lauren’s new career goal is to help disenfranchised people in Boise. Read more about Lauren.

Nitya Nukala, Boise State student

Nitya Nukala – India

Nitya has enjoyed statistic and analyzing data from a young age. She hopes to return home to India and help farmers earn better wages by connecting them with businesses. Read more about Nitya.

Mark Kondratyuk

Mark Kondratyuk – Portland, Oregon

Mark was raised in Idaho by his parents who emigrated from Ukraine. He believes that by sharing our own opinions, we all can learn from each other. Read more about Mark.

Nam Do, Boise State student

Nam Do – Vietnam

Nam urges everyone to take advantages of every opportunity because they may not always be there. Read more about Nam.

COBE student Michael Simpson with his 2 daughters

Michael Simpson – Kalispell, Montana

Michael will pursue a master of accountancy – taxation while raising his two children. Read more about Michael.

Rebekah Grad, Boise State student

Rebekah Grad -Cascade, Idaho

Rebekah is a finance major with intention of fighting crime from the business side with the Department of Justice. Read more about Rebekah.

Misty Kivett

Misty Kivett – Meridian, Idaho

Misty came back to school after raising three kids. Read more about Misty.

Aram Kim, Boise State student

Aram Kim – South Korea

A strong work ethic has allowed Aram to be successful in her endeavors in a country far away from home. Read more about Aram.

Tuan Nguyent, Boise State student

Tuan Nguyen – Vietnam

Tuan learned coding by watching YouTube videos. He has coded a handful of apps and games. Read more about Tuan.

Ali Almutaairi, Boise State student

Ali Almurairi – Kuwait

Ali enjoys the bike trails in Boise and competes in air riflery.” Read more about Ali.

Eldar Sakebaev, Boise State student

Eldar Sakebaev – Kyrgyzstan

Eldar is fluent in Kyrgyz (his home language), Russian and English. Read more about Eldar.

Busayo Apampa, Boise State student

Busayo Apampa – Lagos, Nigeria

Busayo loves the friendly people in the Boise community and the big city/small city feel. Read more about Busayo.

COBE Cookout, Business Department Candids/Group Shots, Brooke Sutton Photo

Emmanuel Eze – Nigeria

Emman wants to take his fun-loving personality and infuse it into the structure and order of accounting. Read more about Emmanuel.

Hazem Binsulaiman, COBE student profiles, portrait, Allison Corona photo.

Hazem Binsulaiman – Saudi Arabia

A supply chain major, Hazem looks forward to dealing with shipments and cultures around the world. Read more about Hazem.

Adam Ramsey, Boise State student

Adam Ramsey – Boise, Idaho

Adam defines himself as a “non-traditional student.” He has a 10-year-old daughter and enjoys studying psychology and philosophy alongside marketing. Read more about Adam. 

Vincent Nguyen, Boise State student

Vincent Nguyen – San Jose, California

Vincent is an IT management major interested in the security and networking side of the field. He grew up in a household with high expectations. Read more about Vincent.