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Principles of Finance – FINAN303 Resources

NOTE: This site is intended to serve as an additional resource for students taking FINAN303. Materials provided here are to be used to help support, not supersede, classroom instruction or the materials of your specific section.

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Overview of Financial Management

What is a business? What is financial management? This section provides a brief overview of financial management and the issues faced by today’s companies.Learn more about financial mangement…

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Financial Statements

How do businesses keep score? Financial Statements provides a brief introduction into the output of the accounting process, i.e., financial statements. Learn more about financial statements…

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Statement Analysis

So, we now have financial statements…so what? Statement Analysis provides the framework for interpreting the information contained in financial statements. Learn more about statement analysis…

view of Financial Markets and Institutions

Financial Markets and Institutions

How is money allocated from the savers of capital to the users? Markets and Institutions looks at the capital allocation process. Learn more about financial markets… 

Time value of money

Time Value of Money

Money has value in two dimensions, “How Much?” and “When?” Time Value of Money provides the framework for answering the “When?” question. Learn more about time value of money…


Bond Valuation

Bonds are a significant aspect of debt financing. How can we value these financial instruments? Learn more about bond valuation…

Stock Valuation

Stock Valuation

How much should we be willing to pay for a share of Apple? Of Google? Stock Valuation provides the basic framework for determining equity (stock) valuations. Learn more about stock valuation…

Interest Rates

Interest Rates

Where do interest rates come from? How are they set? This section examines the fundamental rate setting mechanisms in financial markets.

Risk and Return

Risk and Return

Risk and return. The two central tenants to investment. How are they related?

Cost of Captial

Cost of Capital

Knowing your cost of capital is essential to making asset investment decisions as a firm manager. How do we determine this vital component?

Capital Budgeting

Capital Budgeting

Now that we know our cost of capital, how can we use this information to determine whether or not an investment opportunity makes financial sense? Will the investment be profitable?

Cash Flow Estimation2

Cash Flow Estimation

Where do project cash flows come from? How can we project the incremental cash flows resulting from an asset investment into the future?

Project Analysis

Project Analysis

What if the estimates of our cost of capital are incorrect? What if the estimates of our incremental cash flows are incorrect? How sensitive in the asset investment decision to changes?