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Program Design

Clay Young, Inovus Solar, speaking at Boise StateMany organizations sell pre-packaged seminars that don’t really address your needs. We don’t do that. Instead, the Office of Executive Education works with you to identify key issues limiting your organization’s effectiveness. Customized training programs are then developed to build capabilities in those key areas. Since our interactive programs are built around your situation and your situation only, your employees get the training they need in an economical, timely fashion.

Successful Program Development

Our design process starts with needs assessment and continues through program design and delivery. Evaluation and longitudinal reinforcement finish the process of creating a program for your employees that will really make a difference.

Steps to a Great Custom Program

  • Needs Assessment
  • Program Design
  • Delivery Method

  • Post Program Evaluation
  • Ongoing Reinforcement

For more information, contact the director, Dave Knipping, at (208) 426-4034 or via email at