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Custom Programs

We provide customized training for employees at the site of your choice. We do not provide stock public programs. Rather, after working with you to identify the key issues limiting your firm’s growth, we create and deliver focused interactive programs. You’ll find several advantages to this approach.


You Gain:

  • Rapid ROI by improving employee skills in areas of most need.
  • Valuable first-rate education for employees while saving travel time and related travel expenses.
  • New ideas as your employees benefit from the knowledge of seasoned professionals.

Consider the Following:

  • With experts in every business field located right here in Boise, our faculty can tackle essentially any business issue.
  • Proximity allows us to reinforce concepts over time, improving retention.
  • Custom programs target the areas you identify as most likely to improve profitability.
  • Customization makes training immediately applicable to your work situation.
  • Convenient program delivery saves employee travel time and expenses.
  • Measurement of outcomes insures training effectiveness.

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Program Design


For more information, contact the director, Brian O’Morrow, at (208) 426-3168 or via email at