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2017_10 October

October 2017 Session Calendar

October 2017 Session Calendar

In Class Materials

Paul BahnsonPhil Fry
David KnippingBrian Greber
Kirk SmithBob Picard
Shelle Poole

*Need a refresher on the finance/accounting classes this week? Find the class recordings below. Finance/Accounting classes are the only sessions recorded besides class presentations.

Session DayTitleInstructorMaterials
THU AMFinancial ReportingPaul Bahnson- PPT_Financial Reporting
- Class Recording Financial Reporting
THU PMDemand (Sales) ForecastingPhil Fry- PPT_Demand Forecasting
- EXE_Class Example
- ZIP_Data Files
- Class recording Demand Forecasting
THU EVEPractical Leadership SkillsDavid Knipping- PPT_Practical Leadership Skills
- PDF_Leadership Styles Handout
- PDF_Practical Leadership Scenarios
- PDF_Readiness Level Worksheet
FRI AMMicroeconomics: Producer & Consumer DecisionsBrian Greber- PPT_Producer & Consumer Decisions
FRI PMCustomer Choice Behavior and SegmentationKirk Smith- PPT_ Customer Choice Behavior & Segmentation
FRI EVEPre-Market ForecastingKirk Smith- EXE_Forecasting Working Tool
- EXE_In-Class Example of Forecasting Working Tool
- PDF_Value & Prospect Theory Handout
SAT AMA Framework for Management ControlBob Picard- PPT_Mgmt Acct & Mgmt Control
- Class Recording Mgmt Acct & Mgmt Control
SAT PMStrategic Performance Measurement / Balanced ScorecardShelle Poole- PPT_Strategic Performance Measurement / Balanced Scorecard
- PDF_Workbook

Digital EMBA 512 Course Pack (Oct – Dec)

Click Here to View EMBA 512 – Syllabi & Readings