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2016 September


2016 September Schedule

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In-Class Materials

Roy GlenPat Delana
Keith AllredEric Hicks
David KnippingNancy Napier
Kirk Smith

Session DayTitleInstructorMaterials
TUE AM CLASSBecoming an ExecutiveRoy Glen- PPT: Becoming an Executive
- PPT: What is Strategy
- PPT: Value Proposition Exercise
- PDF: Value Proposition Canvas
TUES PM CLASSStrategic Design and GrowthRoy Glen- PPT: Managing the Evolution of the Firm
- PPT: JTBD Handout
WED AM CLASSDesign ThinkingRoy Glen- PPT: Disruptive Innovation
- Word: Developing a BMC
- PDF: Business Model Canvas
WED PM CLASSDeveloping Persuasive CommunicationsPat Delana- Word: Developing Persuasive Communications Handout
THU AM CLASSTeam Decision-Making Processes Including: Conflict Resolution & NegotiationsKeith Allred- PPT: Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
THU PM CLASSTeam Decision-Making Processes ContinuedKeith Allred
FRI AM CLASSTeam Decision-Making Processes ContinuedKeith Allred- PPT: Group Decision Making
FRI PM CLASSLeading ChangeEric Hicks- PPT: Leading Change
- PPT: Intentional Leadership Model
SAT AM CLASSBuilding an Effective TeamDavid Knipping- PPT: EMBA MBTI
SAT PM CLASSIntro. to Executive Coaching & Wrap-UpNancy Napier, Eric Hicks, Dave Knipping, Kirk Smith, Joanna Lui- PPT: Coaching