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EMBA-18 Infosite Announcements

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October 2016 Session – Assessing Business Opportunities


2016 October Schedule

In-Class Materials

Session DayTitleInstructorMaterials
THU AM CLASSFinancial ReportingPaul Bahnson
THU PM CLASSDemand (Sales) ForecastingPhil Fry
THU EVE CLASSILEAD: Practical Leadership SkillsEric Hicks
FRI AM CLASSMicroeconomics: Producer and Consumer DecisionsBrian Greber
FRI PM CLASSCustomer Choice Behavior SegmentationKirk Smith
FRI EVE CLASSPre-Market ForecastingKirk Smith
SAT AM CLASSBudgeting, Forecasting, and PlanningFrank Ilett
SAT PM CLASSStrategic Performance Measurements / Balanced ScorecardShelle Poole

Paul BahnsonPhil Fry
Eric HicksBrian Greber
Kirk SmithFrank Ilett
Shelle Poole

EMBA | Pre-Market Forecasting Tool – Kirk Smith

Hello EMBA 18’s,

Kirk would like you to have this excel document downloaded and on your desktop for his evening session today.

EMBA | Thursday Session Materials

Please note that all handouts provided in class will be available on the InfoSite at the end of day on Saturday, along with lecture capture links.

However, below you will find Paul Bahnson’s PPT and Phil Fry’s Excel Files.

EMBA | “Economics, The Remarkable Story of How the Economy Works” Book

Hello EMBA 18’s,

Just in case you did not get my email with the book attached. I have also posted it onto the infosite for you to download.


Email Message

A couple of you brought this to my attention that the Economics, The Remarkable Story of How the Economy Works book was not included in your EMBA 512 materials.

I apologize for my mistake, as this was not supposed to be an ebook, but a physical book that was to be distributed in McCall. The secondary eBook sent to you called “Business Intelligence” will be used at a later date.

Attached you will find a PDF version of the Economics, The Remarkable Story of How the Economy Works that you can use for the week. We will then be distributing the printed book in class for you to use in future sessions.

Best regards,



September 2016 Session – Opening Residency


2016 September Schedule

Do you need Microsoft Office? Click the button below to download the software for free as a Boise State student!

In-Class Materials

Roy GlenPat Delana
Keith AllredEric Hicks
David KnippingNancy Napier
Kirk Smith

Session DayTitleInstructorMaterials
TUE AM CLASSBecoming an ExecutiveRoy Glen- PPT: Becoming an Executive
- PPT: What is Strategy
- PPT: Value Proposition Exercise
- PDF: Value Proposition Canvas
TUES PM CLASSStrategic Design and GrowthRoy Glen- PPT: Managing the Evolution of the Firm
- PPT: JTBD Handout
WED AM CLASSDesign ThinkingRoy Glen- PPT: Disruptive Innovation
- Word: Developing a BMC
- PDF: Business Model Canvas
WED PM CLASSDeveloping Persuasive CommunicationsPat Delana- Word: Developing Persuasive Communications Handout
THU AM CLASSTeam Decision-Making Processes Including: Conflict Resolution & NegotiationsKeith Allred- PPT: Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
THU PM CLASSTeam Decision-Making Processes ContinuedKeith Allred
FRI AM CLASSTeam Decision-Making Processes ContinuedKeith Allred- PPT: Group Decision Making
FRI PM CLASSLeading ChangeEric Hicks- PPT: Leading Change
- PPT: Intentional Leadership Model
SAT AM CLASSBuilding an Effective TeamDavid Knipping- PPT: EMBA MBTI
SAT PM CLASSIntro. to Executive Coaching & Wrap-UpNancy Napier, Eric Hicks, Dave Knipping, Kirk Smith, Joanna Lui- PPT: Coaching