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EMBA-18 Infosite Announcements

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December 2017 Session – Development and Management of Products/Services

December 2017 Session Calendar

December 2017 Session Calendar

In-Class Materials

Kirk SmithPhil Fry
David HuntGeorge Mulhern (Guest)
Manny Kostas (Guest)Rick Seymour (Guest)

Session DayTitleInstructorMaterials
THU AM CLASSMarkstrat SimulationKirk Smith
THU PM CLASSMarkstrat SimulationKirk Smith
THU EVE CLASSMarkstrat SimulationKirk Smith
FRI AM CLASSMarkstrat SimulationKirk Smith & Phil Fry
FRI PM CLASSMarkstrat SimulationKirk Smith
FRI EVE CLASSMarkstrat Debrief, Market Attractiveness
vs. Competitive Advantage Discussion
Kirk Smith
SAT AM CLASSPortfolio Management Tools
& Battle Scars
Manny Kostas & George Mulhern
SAT PM CLASSMountain Man Brewing and
Curled Metals Case Discussion
David Hunt

November 2017 Session – Turnarounds

EMBA November 2017 Schedule

November 2017 Session Calendar

MarkStrat Materials:

In-Class Materials

Session DayTitleInstructorMaterials
THU AM CLASSAnatomy of a TurnaroundCourtney & Ross Ely
THU PM CLASSCreating Unity, Creating ValueRandy Hales- PDF: Turnarounds Part 1
- PDF: Turnarounds Part 2
THU EVE CLASSCase AssignmentCourtney White
FRI AM CLASSPart 1: Pivoting the Path

Part 2: Predicting Financial Distress
Courtney White & Paul Bahnson- Video Link: Better Places Presentations
- PDF: Predicting Financial Distress
FRI PM CLASSTurnarounds: The Secret SauceDan Burton- PDF: Turnarounds: The Secret Sauce
FRI EVE CLASSLeaders UnpluggedKurt Liebich
SAT AM CLASSVisualizing the Work to be DoneCourtney White- PDF: Quotes for EMBA 18's
- PPT: Courtney's Toolbox
SAT PM CLASSVisualizing the Work to be Done (continued)Courtney White

Courtney WhitePaul Bahnson
Guest: Ross ElyGuest: Randy Hales
Guest: Dan BurtonGuest: Kurt Liebich

September 2017 Session – Business in a Global Environment

EMBA September Schedule

September 2017 Session Calendar

In-Class Materials

Session DayTitleInstructorMaterials
THU AM CLASSIndividual and Organizational Business EthicsMichael Bixby & Kirk Smith- WORD_In-Class handout
- PDF_NY Times Article
THU PM - FRI AM CLASSTrade Negotiation SimulationBrian Greber- PDF_3.1 Memorialized Agreements_EMBA 18's
FRI PM CLASSAnti-Trust Law, US FCPA, & Similar Legislation from Other Countries and Compliance

Legal Panel
Michael Bixby & Legal Panel- PPT_Anti-Trust
- PDF_Anti-Trust Handout
- PDF_Ethics Approach Handout
FRI EVE CLASSDinner at Dong Khanh
SAT AM ClassCritical Thinking WorkshopKirk Smith- PDF_Critical Thinking Handout/PPT
SAT PM ClassCross-Cultural Leadership & Vietnam Preparation DiscussionDavid Knipping & Nancy Napier- PPT_Cross-Cultural Leadership

Kirk SmithMichael Bixby
Nancy NapierGuest: Karen Gowland
Guest: Steve HardestyGuest: John Sims

May 2017 Session – Fostering Innovation

2017 May Schedule

In-Class Materials

Kirk SmithKaren Bubb
Courtney WhiteJim Balkins
Guest: Kevin LearnedGuest: Roy Glen
Guest: Brian LarsenGuest: Denise Dunlap

Session DayTitleInstructorMaterials
THU AM CLASSObservation Wall Creation | POV Presentations | Value Proposition DesignJim Balkins, Karen Bubb, Courtney White, Kirk Smith- PDF_Brainstorming Handout_White
- PDF_How Might We_Handout_White
- PDF_Science of Creativity_Handout_White
- PPT_Value Prop_Balkins
- PDF_Value Prop Canvas
THU PM CLASSIdeation ClinicJim Balkins, Karen Bubb, Courtney White, Kirk Smith
THU EVE CLASSIdeation Clinic Continued - Rapid PrototypingJim Balkins, Karen Bubb, Courtney White, Kirk Smith
FRI PM CLASSOff Campus / Team Progress ReportJim Balkins & Kirk Smith
FRI EVE CLASSInvestor Panel / Dinner DebriefJim Balkins & Kirk Smith
SAT AM ClassRefining Design Criteria | Present Options | Cross Team Feedback | Business Model DesignJim Balkins, Karen Bubb, Courtney White, Kirk Smith- PPT_Business Model
- PDF_ Business Model Canvas
- PDF_Non Profit Canvas
SAT PM ClassBusiness Model Development: Identifying Key AssumptionsJim Balkins & Kirk Smith

April 2017 Session – Creating Competitive Advantage II

EMBA April Calendar

2017 April Schedule

In-Class Materials

Nancy NapierShelton Woods
Rick SeymourTom Gattiker
Steve ByersDave Knipping
Kirk SmithKaren Bubb
Courtney WhiteJim Balkins
Guests: Sean Fitzsimmons, Shannon Stoeger, Kevin WadeGuests: Mike Zeigler & John Kumm
Guest: Leon RiceGuests: Lyndon Nolan, Dusty Standlee, Scott Plew
Guest: Matt ElzieGuest: Jamie Cooper

Session DayTitleInstructorMaterials
WED AM CLASSVietnam History, Politics & BusinessShelton Woods
WED PM CLASSNES China Case & Managing Remote SitesNancy Napier & Guests: Mike Ziegler & John Kumm
WED EVE CLASSLeaders UnpluggedGuest: Leon Rice
THU AM CLASSInternational Trade Policies & PanelRick Seymour & Guests: Lyndon Nolan, Dusty Standlee, Scott Plew
THU PM CLASSSupply Chain Management & Supplier SourcingTom Gattiker & Guest: Matt Elzie
THU EVE CLASSLeaders UnpluggedGuest: Jamie Cooper
FRI AM CLASSCapital Structure and Debt ManagementSteve Byers
FRI PM CLASSYour Turn: What Leadership Aspects Do You Take Away | Leadership Versatility IndexNancy Napier & David Knipping
SAT AM & PM CLASSFostering InnovationKirk Smith, Karen Bubb, Courtney White, Jim Balkins
Class Takeaways (White Board)