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Eric Lowe, VP Risk Services Division at HUB International, Will Speak at the Upcoming Executive MBA Session

Eric lowe

We look forward to having Eric Lowe as our alumni speaker for the January 18th Executive MBA Informational Session.

Eric is the Vice President of the Risk Services Division at HUB International. His work enables him to provide safety and risk solutions to clients across multiple industries. Eric is a 2017 graduate of the Executive MBA Program.

Please join us for this Informational Session, Thursday, January 18, from 5:30 – 7:00pm, to hear alumni perspectives, speak with our faculty, and tour the facilities. Register for the session below.

Local Leader Kurt Liebich, President and CEO of RedBuilt, Speaks with Executive MBA Cohort

Kurt LiebichKurt Liebich, President and CEO of RedBuilt, took part in the Executive MBA “Leaders Unplugged” series recently. Our second year cohort found Kurt’s story to be “an inspiring example of what it looks like to be a leader who gives back.”

Kurt and RedBuilt have also done multiple projects to promote STEM work in local elementary schools. At a STEM fair for Desert Sage Elementary School, RedBuilt Associates explained key components of an open-web truss.

If you would like a deeper dive, watch the video RedBuilt created about this unique truss design.

Linda Avey, Co-Founder of 23andMe and, meets with the Executive MBA Program

Linda Avey speaking at Boise State's EMBA programWe were pleased to have Linda Avey meet with the Executive MBA Program recently as part of our Leaders Unplugged series. The talk focused on her insights with regard to leading an entrepreneurial organization.

Linda Avey is currently co-founder and CEO of, a platform designed to help individuals track and assemble their personal health data – from wearables, sensors, environmental monitors, to genomics and microbiome sequences – creating a rich source of information helping propel the Precision Health movement. facilitates data sharing with researchers and physicians, all at the users’ control and consent.

In 2006, Linda co-founded 23andMe with a similar mission: accelerating genetics research through crowd-sourcing and consumer data sharing. The company now hosts 2 million genetic profiles linked to individuals who share their phenotypic data, driving the company’s research and drug discovery efforts.

Prior to 23andMe, Linda worked for companies providing bimolecular research tools to academic, pharma, and biotech research organizations.

Fred Webster, Physician and Provider Relations Director at HCA, to Speak at the Upcoming Executive MBA Informational Session

Fred WebsterWe are proud to have Fred Webster as our alumni speaker for the November 16th Executive MBA Informational Session.

Fred is the Physician and Provider Relations Director at HCA, a transformative healthcare company. His primary focus is on the development of fast-paced key markets. Fred’s previous positions include Senior Executive Manager at GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals and Senior Sales Representative at Elan Pharmaceuticals.

Please join us for this Informational Session, Thursday, November 16, from 5:30 – 7:00pm, to hear alumni perspectives, speak with our faculty, and tour the facilities. Register for the session below.

Executive MBA Professor Receives Vietnam’s Prestigious Award

Boise State professor receiving award

Pictured: Nancy Napier and Tran Tho Dat (President of National Economics University)

The Executive MBA program would like to offer a big congratulations to Executive MBA’s Nancy Napier for being awarded the Medal of Friendship from Vietnam.

This prestigious award has been awarded only six other times and demonstrates Professor Napier’s outstanding service to furthering the progress of friendship between our country and Vietnam.


The Decisions that Led to Nike as We Know It

Phil KnightNancy Napier dives a little deeper into what decisions played pivotal roles in creating the brand and icon that is so familiar today. Here is a segment of the article (for the full article, click on the link below):

“A few employees tried to find a name that all could agree on. Knight liked Dimension Six but no one else did. Other options were Falcon, Bengal and finally Nike, the Greek goddess of victory. Knight had loved Greece during his trek around the world in the early 1960s. That connection helped him warm to the Nike name. Also, one of his employees then mentioned that great brand names—Clorox, Xerox, Kleenex — had common features: a strong sound, no more than two syllables, and some letter like “K” or “X”.”

Nicole Brown to Speak at the June Executive MBA Informational Session Next Week

We are thrilled to announce that Nicole Brown will be coming to speak at our last Informational Session on Thursday, June 22.

Nicole is the Executive Director of OB/GYN Associates, a Meridian-based independent medical group, previously serving as the Vice President of Operations at Medical Management. Nicole earned her undergraduate degree from Boise State University in 1998 and later obtained her Executive MBA in 2013. Nicole has been a member of the Medical Group Management Association since 2007.

Please join us for our last Informational Session of the year on Thursday June 22 from 5:30-7:30pm. The session includes alumni perspectives, an opportunity to speak to our faculty, and tour the facilities. Register for our upcoming Informational Session below.

Russ Barron Appointed to Director of Idaho Health & Welfare

Russ Barron, 2008 Executive MBA Alumnus

Executive MBA alumnus, Russ Barron, is appointed by Governor Otter as Director of Idaho Health & Welfare. Russ Barron graduated from the first cohort in the Executive MBA program at Boise State in 2008. We offer our congratulations to Russ on this achievement, which gained recognition in the Idaho Statesman. Click the button below to read more.


Vice President at St. Luke’s, Adrian Wengert, to Speak at the May Executive MBA Informational Session

We are looking forward to seeing Adrian Wengert speak at our next informational session on Wednesday, May 24.

Adrian Wengert was recently promoted to Vice President of Supply Chain in Boise. Adrian graduated from the University of Phoenix in 2010 with a bachelor’s degree in operations & supply chain and later received his Executive MBA in 2015 from Boise State University. Before joining St. Luke’s, Adrian worked at St. Alphonsus Health System, Kowallis & Richards, and All-West Components & Fasteners. Outside of work, Adrian has been a member of The Association for Healthcare Resource & Materials Management and The Association for Operations Management.

Please join us for our next informational session, Wednesday May 24 from 5:30 – 7:00pm, to hear an alumni perspective, speak with our faculty, and tour the facilities. Register for the session below.

Executive MBA Alumni Celebrates 10th Anniversary at Payette Brewery

Last Thursday we had the privilege to host a second 10th anniversary celebration for our Executive MBA program. Alumni, current students, and faculty had the opportunity to talk with one another while enjoying drinks and the chance to win a round of golf or a spa day. Winner to be announced soon!

Thank you for all who attended the event! Check out the snapshots below!

Tiam Rastegar, Marisa Nelson, and guest

Picture from left to right: Tiam Rastegar (EMBA 7), Marisa Nelson (EMBA 8), and guest

EMBA event

crowd at event