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We were happy to have Dan Anderson, Miriam Beecham, and John Redding as panelists for the Executive MBA Leadership Forum

Last week the Executive MBA Program held their annual Alumni Leadership Forum featuring a panel discussion on Healthcare Disruptors. The discussion focused on local healthcare strategy leaders and the potential changes coming to that industry – from shifts in the business model and overall system to technological changes that could affect the delivery and quality of care for you and your employees. Nancy Napier was the moderator and the full panel of speakers are listed below with short bios. A big thank you for all those able to attend the event!

Entrepreneur Panel

Dan Anderson
Dan Anderson serves as the Vice President, Strategy and Planning at St. Luke’s Health System. In his role, Mr. Anderson facilitates St. Luke’s ongoing strategy and planning activities. He joined St. Luke’s Health System in 2012, and held various strategy and planning roles before assuming his current role in 2016. Prior to joining St. Luke’s, Mr. Anderson served as a consultant at Huron Consulting Group, where he worked with large health system clients across the United States. Mr. Anderson holds a Bachelor of Arts in chemistry from Pomona College and master’s degrees in Business Administration and Health Administration from the University of Washington.

Miriam Beecham
As chief strategy and product officer, Miriam Beecham drives strategic growth in alignment with the Healthwise mission to ensure that applicable enterprise strategies cascade through Healthwise products, services, research, and advocacy efforts. Beecham drives and directs the development of both short-term and long-term strategic plans for Healthwise and identifies and evaluates new business opportunities consistent with the strategic vision of the organization. Prior to joining Healthwise, she worked for other industry leaders such as Pfizer and PricewaterhouseCoopers and consulted for the Department of Health and Human Services.

John Redding
John Redding serves as the Health Alliance President at St. Alphonsus representing a new model of healthcare delivery known as a Clinically Integrated Network (CIN). The CIN’s goal is to align physicians, hospitals, and payers to provide better access to care, clinical quality and control costs. Before moving to Boise, John had ten years of experience as a senior manager and consultant in healthcare services at ECG Management Consultants, Blue Consulting Services, John S. Redding & Associates, and PwC.



Jake Stephens, Sales Enablement Leader at Lifion, Speaking at the February Executive MBA Informational Session

On February 21, the Executive MBA will host an Informational Session with Executive MBA Alumni Jake Stephens giving further insight to the program.

Jake is the Sales Enablement Leader at Lifion (by ADP). He has been with ADP since 2009 in various managerial roles. His current work as the Sales Enablement Leader allows him to create, refine, and deploy the sales strategy for ADP’s next generation of products. Jake is a 2016 graduate of the Boise State Executive MBA program.

Please join us on Thursday, February 21, from 5:30 – 7:00pm. The session will include alumni perspectives, our faculty, and a tour of the facilities. Register for the session below.

Click Here to RSVP for Informational Session

A Look at an Interview with Jen Gudapati

Jen Gudapati has conveyed how excited she is to work in her new role at Boise State University. Her new role has allowed her to utilize her experience and knowledge of nursing to foster growth in her department, which include tweaking and improving the current Marketing Department to track efforts and streamlining tasks and budgeting.

While hosting a recent EMBAX Alumni event, Jen enjoyed seeing the familiar faces of colleagues from her cohort and meeting new people from other cohorts. Jen noted that the alumni who came to the event learned a lot about the new digital marketing methodology and vital changes on the necessary approaches to social media; having the event in her home allowed the conversation to bring up robust questions and an advanced direction.

Jen expressed her sincere gratitude to the Executive MBA program for helping her develop and strengthen her skill set which she believes will be of great use for her new position. She also attributes her confidence, knowledge to thinking outside of the box, and leadership skills to the program (as well as an increased love for Boise State).

Kevin Wade, Director of IT at Idaho Power, to Speak at the Upcoming Executive MBA Informational Session

The Executive MBA is looking forward to hearing Kevin Wade, our alumni speaker, speak at the Executive MBA Informational Session on January 24.

Kevin is the Director of Information Technology at Idaho Power. He has been with Idaho Power for fifteen and a half years where his work has dealt with meteorology and leading technical applications. Kevin is a 2016 graduate of the Boise State Executive MBA program.

Please join us on Thursday, January 24, from 5:30 – 7:00pm. The session will include alumni perspectives, our faculty, and a tour of the facilities. Register for the session below.

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Adrian Wengert, VP at St. Luke’s, will be the Alumni Speaker at the November Executive MBA Informational Session

Adrian WengertWe are looking forward to hearing from Adrian Wengert at our upcoming informational session on Thursday, November 15.

Adrian Wengert is Vice President of Supply Chain in Boise. Adrian graduated from the University of Phoenix in 2010 with a bachelor’s degree in operations & supply chain and later received his Executive MBA in 2015 from Boise State University. Before joining St. Luke’s, Adrian worked at St. Alphonsus Health System, Kowallis & Richards, and All-West Components & Fasteners. Outside of work, Adrian has been a member of The Association for Healthcare Resource & Materials Management and The Association for Operations Management.

Please join us for our next informational session, Thursday, November 15 from 5:30 – 7:00pm, to hear an alumni perspective, speak with our faculty, and tour the facilities. Register for the session below.

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Executive MBA Alumni Spotlight – Tiam Rastegar

Beginning in August of 2018, Tiam Rastegar has been acting as the new Executive Director of Trailhead Boise. Trailhead is a nonprofit organization that offers a creative space and resources to help local entrepreneurs bring their startup companies and ideas to life. With over 350 inventors, builders, and creators, Trailhead is driven to providing a community of thinkers and doers that are the hub of the startup ecosystem that Boise has to offer. Under Rastegar’s leadership, Trailhead hopes to build a stronger entrepreneurial network, connecting startups to mentors and experts, delivering educational programming, operating a co-working space as well as foster access to capital investments.

What is your role as the Executive Director at Trailhead?
My role is to lead the organization, including the staff and members. I work closely with the Board of Directors on strategic initiatives pertaining to the mission, vision and goals for Trailhead. Fundraising and community building are the other areas of focus for me.

What drew you to Trailhead?

  • The culture – The entrepreneurial spirit is very much alive here at Trailhead. We are a very inclusive, collaborative and action oriented non-profit that helps the community by creating, fostering and launching businesses that have an economic and social impact on our community.
  • The board of directors –  9 very prominent, capable and highly engaged members who are all invested in the success of this organization. The depth and breath of knowledge, expertise and relationships amongst the board is world class.
  • The opportunity – We get to make a direct impact on the community we live in. We have the opportunity to improve the welfare and the quality of lives of our members and the greater community. I work with other non-profits and civic institutions who share our mission and vision as well as private industry to further the entrepreneurial ecosystem right here in Boise.

What are you most looking forward to as the Executive Director?
Helping others to create and grow their businesses in order to make an impact on my community.

What are some ideas that you’ve learned in EMBA that you can apply to your new position?

  • Leadership – reaching consensus with a diverse BOD through facilitation and synthesizing.
  • Design Thinking – we apply this method to our own ventures and initiatives and we teach it to members.
  • Finance – I am the CFO and could not have assumed this responsibility without Harvey’s grueling finance sessions.

Why did you choose to pursue an EMBA?
I hit the ceiling of my own abilities and felt the need for personal and professional growth through continued education with an emphasis on building a strong network of relationships.

Looking back at where you were in EMBA, where did you think it was going to lead you?
Right where I am. At the helm of an organization that is positioned to impact peoples lives and the community I live in.

What was the biggest impact the EMBA program brought you?
Knowledge, tools and methodologies, relationships and credibility.

Tell us a recent Aha! Moment you had? 
As I took over Trailhead, I was told that there are many other organizations within the entrepreneurial ecosystem that perceivably do what we do. Therefore the relationship with these organizations was one of mistrust and competition – many other stakeholders from these organizations told me that they are eager to see where I will take Trailhead. I started to interview more stakeholders and map out the so-called ecosystem and came to the realization that all of these organizations had a similar mission and vision and that we were all positioned at different sections/phases within the ecosystem. This graphic depiction of the ecosystem was my aha moment. I use it to communicate context to others – where Trailhead fits in, where they fit in and why we are bound to work together and partner on our initiatives.

Welcome EMBA 20’s!

The new EMBA 20 cohort has started this September. Participant companies include: Johnson & Johnson Surgical Vision, Inc., Impact Directories, ECCO Safety Group, Bingham Healthcare, Micron, Amalgamated Sugar Company, Data Migration Resources, WOW: The Generosity Project, Microsoft, Volt, Bayer Healthcare, Idaho Office of Emergency Management, Idaho Power and Idaho Army National Guard, Aviation. The Executive MBA team looks forward to helping this cohort grow for the next two years!

Marnie Packard, Director of Gov. Affairs & Community Relations at SelectHealth, to Speak at the Upcoming Informational Session

Marnie Packard

The Executive MBA is pleased to announce that our June 28th Informational Session alumni speaker will be Marnie Packard.

Marnie Packard is the Director of government and community relations for SelectHealth. Marnie has more than fifteen years of experience in the health insurance industry in SelectHealth and her previous position in PacificSource. She works closely with Idaho legislators on policy issues surrounding health insurance and health care.

She is a member of the Boise Metro Chamber and the Healthcare Industry Advisory Board. She is in her third year of serving on the Executive Leadership Team for the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women Campaign, and is also a member of the board for Girls on the Run. Marnie received her Executive MBA on May 2018.

Please join us for this Informational Session, Thursday June 28th, from 5:30 – 7:00pm, to hear alumni perspectives, speak with our faculty, and tour the facilities. Register for the session below.

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Hannah Recla, President of Optimizon, to Speak at the Upcoming Informational Session

Hannah Recla

The Executive MBA is pleased to announce that our June 5th Informational Session alumni speaker will be Hannah Recla.

Hannah was recently promoted to President of  Optimizon after having served as Vice President of Client Services for three years. She has been with Optimizon since 2000 and has helped over 100 organizations implement Print Management. Her team provides expert data collection and analysis of current environments. They craft detailed RFPs for hardware, services, and complex software and then analyze the responses using Optimizon’s proprietary algorithms and methodologies. Her team also excels at providing highly-personalized support to the client-administrative teams which ranges from budget development to technical issue resolution. Hannah received her Executive MBA at Boise State University in 2018.

Please join us for this Informational Session, Thursday June 5th, from 5:30 – 7:00pm, to hear alumni perspectives, speak with our faculty, and tour the facilities. Register for the session below.

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Guest Randy Hales, former CEO of ZAGG, to Speak at Executive MBA Alumni Event

Randy HalesRandy Hales resides in Salt Lake City and is the former President and CEO of ZAGG, a leading provider of creative product solutions for mobile and media accessories. He joined ZAGG as the President and COO in December of 2011, having previously served on the ZAGG Board of Directors. Randy officially retired in March of 2018. Mr. Hales also currently serves as a board of director for Norco, Inc. and Development Capital. He also continues to teach in year two of the Boise State Executive MBA program.

The Executive MBA session “Leadership and Influencing Others” is open to all Executive MBA Alumni as well as anyone interested in learning more about the program. Join us May 10th from 7:30-9:30am in the Executive MBA classroom to learn from Randy Hales, EMBA guest faculty member and former CEO of ZAGG.

Click Here to RSVP for a return2learn Session