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A Look at an Interview with Jen Gudapati

Jen Gudapati has conveyed how excited she is to work in her new role at Boise State University. Her new role has allowed her to utilize her experience and knowledge of nursing to foster growth in her department, which include tweaking and improving the current Marketing Department to track efforts and streamlining tasks and budgeting.

While hosting a recent EMBAX Alumni event, Jen enjoyed seeing the familiar faces of colleagues from her cohort and meeting new people from other cohorts. Jen noted that the alumni who came to the event learned a lot about the new digital marketing methodology and vital changes on the necessary approaches to social media; having the event in her home allowed the conversation to bring up robust questions and an advanced direction.

Jen expressed her sincere gratitude to the Executive MBA program for helping her develop and strengthen her skill set which she believes will be of great use for her new position. She also attributes her confidence, knowledge to thinking outside of the box, and leadership skills to the program (as well as an increased love for Boise State).

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