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Linda Avey, Co-Founder of 23andMe and, meets with the Executive MBA Program

Linda Avey speaking at Boise State's EMBA programWe were pleased to have Linda Avey meet with the Executive MBA Program recently as part of our Leaders Unplugged series. The talk focused on her insights with regard to leading an entrepreneurial organization.

Linda Avey is currently co-founder and CEO of, a platform designed to help individuals track and assemble their personal health data – from wearables, sensors, environmental monitors, to genomics and microbiome sequences – creating a rich source of information helping propel the Precision Health movement. facilitates data sharing with researchers and physicians, all at the users’ control and consent.

In 2006, Linda co-founded 23andMe with a similar mission: accelerating genetics research through crowd-sourcing and consumer data sharing. The company now hosts 2 million genetic profiles linked to individuals who share their phenotypic data, driving the company’s research and drug discovery efforts.

Prior to 23andMe, Linda worked for companies providing bimolecular research tools to academic, pharma, and biotech research organizations.

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