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Executive MBA Program

The Executive MBA program (EMBA) at Boise State’s College of Business and Economics is designed for experienced working professionals. Work full time and earn your degree in two years. This schedule allows you to attend classes in person once each month for 3-4 consecutive days. Learn to become a flexible, innovative leader who can solve multi-faceted, unstructured, messy problems. Collaborate with other motivated professionals in integrated courses that replicate real-world situations. Learn it today, apply it tomorrow.

A Customized Experience

  • MBA Class Calendar (enlargeable)

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    The Executive MBA program schedule has been developed to minimize impact on your professional and family life while allowing for maximum learning.

    The 3-4 days once-a-month format allows you to know your schedule well in advance of the program start date. The 21 month schedule includes two academic years with the summer months off. Both the opening and international residency weeks are also clearly defined to allow for planning and coordination with your work and family schedules.

    Regular classes are either Thursday – Saturday or Wednesday – Saturday.  Sessions are held all day from 8:00am to 7:30pm during weekdays and 8:00am to 4:00pm on Saturdays.

  • The Boise State Executive MBA curriculum is completely different from that of an undergraduate or traditional MBA program. Instead of teaching courses that are focused on a single discipline (e.g. finances, accounting, human resources), our courses focus on real business problems or issues such as creating competitive advantage or fostering innovation.

    You still learn all you need to know about each of the business disciplines, but it is taught within the context of a business issue. This unique design makes the content much more useful and immediately applicable for participants.

    • Opportunity Assessment
    • Creating Competitive Advantage
    • Fostering Innovation
    • Global Business and Culture
    • Turnarounds
    • New Product/Service Development
    • Partnerships, Acquisitions, and Divestitures
    • Capstone Project

  • As part of our Executive MBA Program you are assigned a personal leadership coach. You and your coach will work together over the 21 months to enhance your strengths and address areas for improvement through a one-on-one development plan.

    The coaching process entails a sophisticated personality profile assessment in addition to working directly with your coach on a formal leadership development program developed around the Leadership Versatility Index.

    Additionally, a communication coach is on-hand to coach you from the start of the program to enhance presentation and writing skills. Our experience is that EMBA participants are good when they join the EMBA Program, through this process of highly individualized training they leave the program with the refined skills and frameworks to be communicators and leaders.

  • Executive MBA participants are provided with VIP services throughout their two years in the program. Participants don’t waste their time registering for classes, parking, and buying textbooks.

    Our team will handle the operations while you focus on your education and strengthening your network. All meals and week-long residency lodgings will also be provided.

  • The International Residency gives you a deeper, first-hand understanding of the managerial, political, and cultural concepts that influence and drive international business.  Our destination is Hanoi, Vietnam, which is experiencing one of the fastest changing economies in the world.  Participants broaden their global skills by working on business projects in the local economy.  This week has been referred to as having more of a trade mission feel that enhances the learning at a more practical level.

Program Costs & Financial Aid

According to an independent survey run by the Executive MBA Council, the average cost of a two-year Executive MBA program is estimated to be close to $80,000. Our price is $49,800, but we don’t shortchange you anywhere. Our program outperforms others in overall quality and impact on your career.

The $49,800 fee covers two academic years of: tuition; classroom instruction; executive coaching; preparatory materials; textbooks, course-related software, business cases, meals, housing for both the opening residency week and the international residency week, campus parking and other campus fees. Transportation to and from residencies is the responsibility of the participant.

Find out more on tuition and financial aid

Class Profile

Diversity adds value.  Each EMBA cohort has a mix of professionals from small business owners to corporate managers and executives. Whether you’re from healthcare or high-tech, retail or non-profit, manufacturing or service – your experience matters.

  • Average Class Size: 25
  • Average Age: 40
  • Work Experience: 17 Years
  • Women to men ratio: 2:3
  • Industry Mix: agriculture, banking, consulting, entrepreneur, environmental, finance, government, healthcare, high-tech, hospitality, legal, manufacturing, real estate, utilities

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