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Signature Student Spotlight

The Department of Economics is proud to recognize our Signature Students.

Spring 2016

jacob morris and dr. hansen Jacob Morris

I am a junior studying economics and philosophy at Boise State. My primary areas of interest include game theory, the relationship between cultural values and economic demand, the philosophy of language and the philosophy of religion.



Christian Sprague and dr. hansenChristian Sprague

In the fall of 2016, I will be completing my dual major in Applied Mathematics and Economics with a Quantitative Emphasis. I plan to continue my education here, at Boise State, by enrolling in the forthcoming Masters of Economics program. Eventually, I intend to become an applied econometrician in the private industry. I am a dedicated lifelong learner with particular interests in statistics, econometrics, and market design.

I’m originally from Florida and moved to Idaho after being wed to an Idahoan. I have spent the last six years in Idaho, coming to fully embrace my new home.

Fall 2015

Chris Daigle and dr. hansenChris Daigle

I am a senior in the Honors College pursuing a BA in economics with a quantitative emphasis and minors in mathematics and applied mathematics. In the fall of 2016, I will begin graduate school for a PhD in economics, focused on econometrics. While studying at Boise State University, I have worked on research projects focusing on education, poverty, and economic growth; from this, I developed a specific interest in institutional economics. I am a member of the board for the Economics Association, co-chairs the board for the COBE Dean’s Student Advisory Committee, and am a member of Omicron Delta Epsilon, the international economics honor society. I worked as a pilot, testing systems and instructing other pilots in the private sector before attending Boise State. Previously, I served for 6 years in the United States Army, enjoying extensive international traveling in my work and leisure. I have an eclectic taste for culture that includes non-objective painting, contemporary literary fiction, and film.

Ryan Wallace and dr. hansenRyan Wallace

I will be graduating from the Honors College with a degree in business economics. I am a southern California native who traded his California roots for some orange and blue. Through my experiences at Boise State, I have grown and developed into an independent and analytical thinker. I have excelled in the classroom and pushed myself to graduate from Boise State in just three years. I am an awardee of both the GEM scholarship and Dick Payne Economic scholarship. Outside of the classroom, I put my skills into practice through my internship at the Boise Valley Economic Partnership (BVEP). At BVEP, I work closely with businesses and help promote economic development within the Boise Valley. My future plans include continuing my education at the School of Public Policy and Administration where I will earn a master in public administration. My goals are to use both degrees in the public sector where I hope to influence many lives within the Treasure Valley.