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Frequently Asked Questions

Prior to acceptance

Is there a deadline for applying

There is no official deadline for applications. Given that Fall semesters begin at the end of August, we advise potential applicants to submit applications before the start of summer. Note though that we will only consider you for funding if you apply by February 15 of the year that you plan to begin your studies.

Where can I find information about graduate tuition?

The information regarding current graduate tuition can be found here. Make sure to click on the ‘Graduate Tuition and Fees’ tab.

Are GRE scores required?

We only require official scores for the GRE verbal, quantitative, and analytical tests, if you do not have one semester of calculus and two semesters of statistics, with a grade of B or above, on your college transcripts. Another exception is that of the Fast Track students (see below).

Do you require official GRE test scores?

In case that you do have to take the GRE, ETS submits official scores to the department electronically; for our information, please do report your scores in your application (e.g. in your cover letter). GRE scores are only valid for five years after the date of the test.

Are there any minimum GRE test scores?

In case that you do have to take the GRE, we do not have a threshold for GRE scores. Higher scores obviously have a weight for our decisions.

What is the Economics Department and Major Field GRE code?

In the ETS website, Economics is listed as 1801.

What is Boise State’s Institutional GRE code?

ETS reports Boise State’s Institutional code as 4018.

What are the institutional and department codes for IELTS and TOEFL? (Applies only to international students)

The institutional code for IELTS and TOEFL is 4018. We are not aware of any department codes.

How do I qualify for Fast Track Admission (and waive the GRE requirement)?

You must have an Economics Major or Minor from Boise State, achieved a 3.5 GPA in your 300/400-level economics courses and a cumulative GPA of 3.3 at the time of application submission.


For Accelerated (4+1) Students: Are there forms that need to be filled out prior to taking the Graduate Econometrics sequence?

Yes, two: (1) a Permit for Seniors to Take Graduate Classes form and (2) an Undergraduate Academic Adjustment form (both available on the Graduate College Forms page) to allow specific graduate course to count for both an undergraduate and a graduate degree. The former needs to be filled out and submitted before the start of classes while the latter should be filled out and submitted after the beginning of classes. Note that there are potentially financial aid implications. If a student receives financial aid, he/she needs to contact Financial Aid after the Undergraduate Academic Adjustment form is submitted.

For Traditional Students: How can I register for a Summer class, in the summer prior to starting the program?

This is important since you have to take ECON 501 during the summer prior to the Fall you have been admitted for. You need to apply to the Boise State Graduate College as a Non-Degree Seeking Student and once admitted, register for the summer class. The Graduate College will waive the fee for this application.

For MSE Students: What is the structure and typical length of a Master’s Thesis in Economics?

Please visit the Standards and Guidelines page of the Thesis and Dissertation Office of the Graduate College. Length varies between 40-80 pages, with content that is double-spaced, including figures and table but excluding references.

For All Students: Creating Independent Study Courses

The Graduate Program Coordinator AND the Graduate College has to approve Independent Study courses. The proposed course cannot be too similar or reference a similar existing course. The title of the independent study course must be unique, as does the related curriculum.